Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Odds and Ends, 11/30/21

In der news.

See this. That's a mixed bag. As usual for that site, it's short on prescription (and whatever prescription that occurs there is usually off base), but the description is at least half correct. Yes, the Alt Right is a disaster. A problem with that is that 20-20 hindsight is easy. When people like Liddell were part of the Alt Right - and featured in Arktos books on that subject - I was critiquing the Alt Right and predicting its downfall (starting in 2016 and definitely I was openly hostile by early 2017). Then we have the thesis that the West's problems are innate and should not be blamed on the Jews. Yes and no. On the one hand, Der Movement goes overboard on the Jew thing and needs to bin more blame on White foibles (with the High Trusters at the head of line). On the other hand, complex thinking understands that it is possible for both to be true - many of the West's problems are innate, but, at the same time, they are being enhanced and amplified by Jews as an influential minority with interests that conflict with the White majority. Blaming all on the Jews is foolish. It is equally foolish to dismiss the role played by Jews as a "sociopolitical/cultural enzyme" speeding up the rate of rot and decay.

Liddell states that Japan is starting to go down the road to multiracialism without a real Jewish presence, but it is astonishing that he doesn't admit that his own presence in that nation is contributing to the problem. Saying "it's a matter of numbers" doesn't excuse it, not only from the standpoint of hypocrisy, but from a psychological standpoint - the presence of White faces in Japan creates to the Japanese the idea that they are somewhat of a cosmopolitan society, and breaks down barriers to more significant numbers of immigrant

My riposte to those who label me as "insane" and "paranoid" because I keep on beating the drum about the White ethnic question - I gave Der Movement more than twenty years to exhibit some sort of significant progress on this issue, and, if anything, things have gotten worse, particularly after the rise of the Alt Right and HBD. 20+ years is long enough. Patience has its limits.

The pitiful ignorance of Hippocrates:

In the year 410 the German Visigoth Alaric and his army sacked Rome and destroyed the Roman Empire in the West.

No. The sack in 410 AD occurred, but the end of the Western Roman Empire was 476 AD:

In 476, the Germanic barbarian king Odoacer deposed the last emperor of the Western Roman Empire in Italy, Romulus Augustulus, and the Senate sent the imperial insignia to the Eastern Roman Emperor Flavius Zeno.

Wrong, wrong, Der Movement is always, ALWAYS wrong.

Four facts:

1. Israel has been aggressively vaccinating its own citizens against covid.

2. The System wants to prioritize Coloreds over Whites for the vaccination.

3. Jew doctors promote vaccine hesitancy among Gab/Trump supporters.

4. Trump himself pushed for the rapid development of the vaccine, wants it called a "Trumpcine," has been vaccinated, and told his followers to get vaccinated.

Based on all of that, Der Right - heavily composed of High Trusters - concludes that the vaccine is a toxin, part of a Globalist conspiracy to poison White Christians.

Thus, the last 100 or so years of American history becomes more easily explained. Jews taking America away from the High Trusters is like an adult taking candy away from a (retarded) baby.

See this - a perfect example of the smug, self-satisfied, arrogant, complete ignorance of the Luddite Right. Please explain to me the biological law that states that in all circumstances "mutations grow weaker" (I don't even know what "weaker" is even supposed to mean in this context). Mutation is random, and selection of mutation depends on the environmental context - there's no "law" that says that mutations always get "weaker"(or "stronger" whatever that means). And who is the "everyone" that "knows" this idiot's nonsense? Creationist Jaysus freaks who say ("everyone knows!") that the universe was created by Big Daddy Sky God (or the flying spaghetti monster, take your pick) 6000 years ago?

The new variant is being reported, Gab right-wing dumbfuck (I realize "dumbfuck" is superfluous after "Gab right-wing"), because it exists. Not everything is a conspiracy to satisfy the cravings of your fevered "brain."

Good luck building a viable rightist movement while alienating STEM professionals.

And don't listen to some dumb cunt, re: science. I usually don't like using such vulgar language in my work, but in this case it is justified.

Behold Der Movement: 

WN 1.0 = Sieg Heil and Pass the Beer White nationalism

WN 2.0 = Beavis-and-Butthead White nationalism

WN 3.0 = Rosie and the Kids White nationalism

Sunday, November 28, 2021

EGI is the Most Hack Resistant


Following up on this, let us examine the question of EGI again.

Lawrence wrote in his Unz screed:

...but in practice can be ‘hacked’ by anything from linguistic similarity to political similarity to cultural similarity. 

My reply:

No, it are proximate interests that can be “hacked.”  EGI cannot be “hacked” because genetic similarity is what it is – which is why focusing on ultimate interests rather than proximate ones is superior.  

Focusing on an important political issue related to race, such as immigration, we begin to understand the value of an EGI-based approach. See this.

Beating the drum about “IQ” or “highly-skilled” or “law abiding” or “k-selected” or whatever other proximate measure avoids the fundamental issue of kinship and also sets you up for race replacement by “high-IQ Asians.”  

HBD leads to race replacement.  EGI supports racial preservation.

Most parents tend to prefer their own children compared to strangers’ children, even if the latter are smarter or better-looking or more “highly skilled” than the former.  Until Whites are able to comprehend that the same principle applies at the population group level, maladaptive outcomes will occur. At some point, the Establishment will say, “Hey, you want high-IQ?  There’s several hundred million Chinese who would jump at the chance to migrate to the USA!  And they are ‘highly-skilled’ (and non-White, and potential ‘liberal Democrat’ voters).  You want them, you got them!”  What’s going to be the anti-immigration argument then?  Or will the HBDers welcome the influx?

HBDers may welcome the influx; from an EGI perspective, it must be opposed. Which view is consistent with racial nationalism? 

Genetic kinship is the 800 lb. gorilla in the room that almost all in the immigration debate — and many people in general who believe they are “racially aware” — pretend does not exist.  It is “the argument that dare not speak its name.”  Hopefully, here at TOO we will continue to speak its name. Therefore, I’ll stake out the (perhaps controversial) position that: (1) kinship-based racialism and HBD-based pseudo-racialism are competing for the same niche space, (2) only kinship-based racialism ensures adaptive responses, and (3) a predominant emphasis on HBD is, ultimately, detrimental to White racial interests.

That’s exactly what has happened. HBD has emerged as a major enemy to kinship-based White nationalism, a theme I write about frequently.

Emphasizing kinship gets to the core of the matter, and also sets aside all sorts of arguments such as those made by Ron Unz, re: “His-Panic” and all the detailed counter-arguments…But the immigration issue is worth delving into because it provides an “educational” opportunity to emphasize that what’s it is all about is race and genetic interests, not about legality, IQ, economics, the environment, or what have you.  It’s about White vs. non-White demographics in America, and all the rest is a smokescreen obfuscating this key point…It is about Race, or the Race-Culture; it is about genetic interests, and these are things that can be, in the long run, defended only by Explicit Whiteness. If we can’t talk about racial interests as Whites, we can’t win. All these other arguments are ultimately meaningless if they don’t serve ultimate interests.

That's what EGI is all about. All other interests and issues could in theory be “hacked” to serve anti-White, or at least non-White or aracial, interests, while EGI is resistant to such “hacking.” Of course, we cannot say anything, even EGI, is absolutely resistant to “hacking” – our enemies are (as we should be) “flexible strategizers” and will always try to find ways to subvert our mission.  But, we do the best we can, and EGI is the most unhackable foundation practically possible.

I addressed the HBD focus in the TOO essay.  HBD actually really doesn’t even have to be hacked as it is itself openly hostile to racial nationalism, basically allowing Asians and Jews to replace Whites. Religion? Plenty of nice Christian Blacks and Hispanics; there are even Christian Koreans (and Filipinos of course). What else? Citizenship? Laughable civic nationalism. Phenotype? Racial theories from the early 20th century? Are “green-eyed Kalash” European?  Are "Aryan" South Asians White ? Are “Nordish Jews” racially akin to Scandinavians?  Are White-looking Hapas White?  No, they are not.  Even Yockeyian High Culture – by itself, isolated, without EGI considerations – could be a problem because even Yockey admitted the possibility of some assimilation – but, to be honest, that was mostly Jews (admittedly not good from the WN 1.0 perspective) and what he considered to be non-Western Whites (Eastern Europeans). Of course, Yockeyian High Culture merged with EGI considerations is another story.

But basing identity on genetic similarity – genetic kinship – as the foundation, drilling down to the core of what we are, representing ethnoracial ancestry, ensures that one is actually preserving racial, ethnic, and national identities. My concept of the EGI Firewall is highly relevant here, which was followed by this essay on the importance of EGI and the EGI Firewall for mediating pro-White activism.

From the EGI Firewall essay:

If all possibilities for structuring society have to pass the “EGI litmus test” then that can prevent biological race replacement from occurring, despite how such replacement could be “dressed up” in faux-rightist clothing (e.g., citizenism, HBD, etc.). EGI serves – or can and should serve - as a barrier preventing maladaptive ideologies from getting a foothold within nationalist thought.  Civic nationalism?  Fails to preserve EGI, since anyone can become a citizen who believes in the civic creed.  HBD “race realism?”  That fails since it elevates IQ before race; thus, HBD would be fully supportive of Europeans being race replaced by “high IQ Jewish and Asian cognitive elitists.”  As that would devastate European EGI, that fails the EGI test. Caring only about culture?  Fails – genetic aliens can mimic a culture. Economics? Fails – since “economic efficiency” can entail replacement migration and thus diminish EGI. A strict phenotypism?  That fails as well, since phenotypic mimicry can mask genetic distance.  A Samoan and an African may “look similar” to someone, but are highly genetically distinct. Replacing Samoans with genetically distant, but (superficially) phenotypically similar Negroes would obviously be maladaptive to Samoans, and the EGI firewall would prevent that from happening.  If adaptive fitness is all about genetic continuity, then the best way to ensure continuity and fitness is through the use of memes that make genetic interests fundamental – the minimum “ultimate” requirement that must be met before other more “proximate” interests are considered.

From the second essay:

But for the firewall to be an effective one must accept that one’s worldview has a grounding in EGI, and one must have a serious understanding of the concept.

It should be clear from all of the foregoing how an emphasis on EGI is the best approach to prevent activism from being hijacked away from core racial interests.

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Racial Cuckoldry: The Kumar Case

And other news.

In a previous post, I commented on the Kumar case, and how the embrace of mixed-race Kumar, at Counter-Currents and elsewhere in Der Movement, is consistent with what I had previously written about the replacement of hardcore White nationalism with Asiaphilic multiracial right-wing populism.

Well, not surprisingly, the stupidity and racial cuckoldry from Der Movement gets worse. Here is a comment excerpt from Anglocentric Nordicist Van de Camp from the Counter-Currents Kumar article:

Regardless, there is a bit too much distraction in these comments over Mr. Kumar’s status as a Eurasian. If he has an R1a Haplogroup DNA marker (likely) he is descended from the Aryan invaders of India, whom Madison Grant argued were Nordic. Since that DNA type is prevalent in the Baltic and Scandinavia Grant is probably on to something. Carlton S. Coon did a deeper analysis and he concluded many Indians are Caucasoid (i. e. white).

So, Mr. Kumar is “ethnic” but certainly otherwise white. Mostly Nordic, partially Sub-Continental Mediterranean."

STOP with the "Aryan" nonsense already, as well as using "Mediterranean" to include South Asians. Modern genetic facts: South Asians are highly genetically distinct from Europeans; this is not in question, and can be discerned from whatever genetic analysis you may want to use – PCA, unsupervised admixture analysis, supervised admixture analysis, Fst, genetic kinship, whatever.

For example, see thisAnd thisAnd also this.

Perhaps Nordicist retards shouldn't depend on Madison Grant, Carleton Coon, and single locus markers to determine racial affinities. South Asians are distinct from Europeans and the "Aryan" nonsense is simply that the Iranic branch of Indo-European steppe peoples conquered India and admixed with the indigenous stock. This racial confusion is what you get from "movement" Luddites who think that viruses aren't real, Pasteur was a charlatan, and that we should ignore autosomal DNA population genetics studies in favor of the incoherent gibbering of "race theorists" from ~100 years ago.

Another comment excerpt from that same Counter-Currents article:

Who beez dee babee daddy? I would like to have more info. I’m gonna guess his father was from a northern caucasoid group…..which would be okay, no questions asked...

So, a North Indian ("northern caucasoid") father, who is completely distinct from Europeans, is "okay, no questions asked..." Meanwhile, according to Der Movement, Italians and Slavs are no good. Incredible. Confusion about who is White? Race cuckoldry? You bet!  Related to that, see this exchange:

NikandrosNovember 26, 2021 at 8:33 am

White nationalists are now more welcoming of Asians, Jews, Jamaicans, and mutts into the movement than they are of Southern and Eastern Europeans. Where did it all go so wrong?

Greg JohnsonNovember 26, 2021 at 8:51 am

That’s a lie. This will be your last comment.

Hail Nikandros! You are welcome at the Sallis Groupuscule, Mr. Nikandros. Cut the cord with Counter-Currents. By the way, Johnson, why so sensitive? Does the truth hurt?  Nikandros is 100% correct.  The same "movement" that embraces Kumar loathes and rejects Southern and Eastern Europeans. There is a Sallis' Law for a reason.

A Gab correspondent who is a friend of this blog writes

typical gaslighting Greg, Steven Clark on Counter-Currents literally wrote 2 months ago that "Italians are the Morlocks, but hardly savage and brutal; they’re rather penned up like chickens who are awed by the swans", and called southern Europeans the equivalent of Guatemalans and Turks. Is that welcoming language?

So Greg bans people for "lying"? 90% of the counter-current commenters should be banned then.

Exactly. And then there's Goad constantly questioning the "Whiteness" of Italians; they aren't "Aryan" South Asians, after all. And then there is everything else of like manner all around the "movement."

Another comment excerpt from a Counter-Currents commentator:

Does this make him racially white? No, but he’s obviously culturally white, and a strong ally of white interests. That’s all that should matter in the voting booth...But a half-white thinking of himself as white, and whose non-white half is some kind of Caucasoid, can more plausibly be thought of as a kind of “honorary white”.

That's the Kaufmann Whiteshift agenda (see below) - we must accept "culturally white" mixed-race individuals.

His paternal lineage appears to be non-Dravidian, meaning that he must have some degree of ancient Aryan blood on both sides, strengthening his case for honorary membership...

I think Kumar deserves our fullest support.

Again, STOP with the Aryan nonsense. Do you know that Jews, as well as full-blooded Middle Easterners, are genetically (much) closer to Europeans than are “Aryan” South Asians?  STOP with the racial cuckoldry of adopting genetically distinct non-kin as some sort of “distant cousins.” It’s a lie.

A Gab correspondent who is a friend of this blog writes:

Its interesting how quickly we got to Eric Kaufmanns goal for white advocacy. Mixed-race people "embrace the white side of his identity [quote from the counter-currents article]" and a redefined basis of European nationalism to conform (unintentionally) with the "left modernist", "the mudshift.". Grossly maladaptive developments.

That is a great insight. Indeed, Der Movement is now behaving in a very Kaufmann-like manner.  Remember this?  Kaufmann’s idea is that Whites as we know them today (people of Old World European ethnic ancestry) will be replaced by a part-White mixed race population that will adopt “White culture” and a “White” identity, what I term “mudshift” – the race replacement of Whites by mixed-race mongrels pretending to be (and accepted by others as) White. 

Therefore, Counter-Currents and the rest of Der Movement, with their abandonment of the core principles of White nationalism and their scientifically illiterate embrace of racial cuckoldry, are strongly enabling the Kaufmann agenda. To them, Kumar is an “honorary White” or even a “mostly Nordic ethnic White.” 

He’s half South Asian, for godssakes!  

Further, they say that we have to support Kumar, since he adopts a “White identity” and is “culturally White” and “fights for White interests.”  Please tell me – how is ANY of that in ANY way different from Kaufmann's agenda?  And it is interesting that among the leading "Kumar is White" or "Kumar is an honorary White" supporters at Counter-Currents are Nordicist fans of Instauration and Humphrey Ireland. In case any of you thought that Nordicists were an odd fit in the HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist-Amnat alliance, think again. As long as the anti-swarthoid core ideology is maintained, then mixed-race mongrels passing as "White" are A-OK. Rosie and the Kids White nationalism. Thus, another comment excerpt from that same article:

American WN 1.0 was (and is) snobbish about ‘Whiteness’. Their essentialist biologism forecloses certain policy decisions about part-Whites to which WIN (sic) should not be beholden.

But of course. Rosie and the kids!

Der Movement supports multiracialism and miscegenation. Der Movement is the most dangerous enemy of the White Race, at least on the Right; Der Movement is a ruthless enemy of White racial survival.  For the White race to live, Der Movement must die.

Also see this.

Other news:

Germs/terrain is not either/or, but a continuum, with germs being the dominant factor. Consider the following diseases (assume no vaccination or prior infection):

Measles, Ebola, Rabies – terrain is essentially completely irrelevant; exposure = infection and illness

Covid, Influenza – terrain is a factor to some extent; exposure = likely infection, but not all people become equally ill (or ill at all)

Common Cold – terrain is a significant factor, but disease, when it occurs, of course comes from the virus; exposure = may or may not lead to infection, which may or may not lead to illness, based on a variety of factors, including host health

Not all disease causing entities are the same (that nasty complexity again).  Some are highly infectious and virulent, others less so. “Terrain” becomes an important factor to the extent that the entity is less infectious and/or virulent.

One problem is that in some cases, “terrain” may include factors beyond the control of the individual; for example, genetic factors likely play a part in response to covid.  In other cases, “terrain” may include factors that some would like to ignore.  Obesity is a major risk factor for covid. Some “movement” anti-vaxxers (who shall remain nameless), if I recall correctly, admitted to being overweight. Will they improve their “terrain” by putting down knife and fork and pushing away from the table?

Instead of blaming China, we instead hear that Pasteur - one of the White race's greatest minds - was a "charlatan."

A single maggot-infested dog turd, rotting on the sidewalk on a hot and humid August afternoon, is of infinitely greater value than the "movement" in its entirety.

Friday, November 26, 2021

Odds and Ends, 11/26/21

In der news.

See this: More evidence that Der Movement is moving toward pro-Asian populist multiracialism.

Without further ado, the elephant in the room: Mr. Kumar is mixed-race; half-white, half-Indian, to be precise. 

So, he's perfect for the new anti-WN "All Asia All the Time" "movement" that rejects hardcore racial nationalism.

His mother is Scots-Irish, with ancestry in North America that dates back to 1600s South Carolina; from his maternal lineage, he is a member of both the Sons of the American Revolution and the Sons of Confederate Veterans. 

He's better than you, wops and hunkies, and don't you forget it!

His father is an Indian immigrant; I asked Mr. Kumar when his father came to America, and he said that it was in the early 1980s.

Savitri Devi approves.

Now, many White Nationalists will argue that Mr. Kumar’s mother is a race traitor...

Well, isn't she?  Does Der Movement now disagree with that assessment?

...that his claim to four centuries of American heritage is thereby nullified...

Isn't it?  What if the mother had married a Nigerian?  What then?

...and that the sheer fact that we have political candidates with the surname “Kumar” is a portent of doom.

Isn't it?

There is some truth to those sentiments...


...but at the risk of alienating some readers, I disagree. Yes, miscegenation is an evil which we should never have countenanced and which we should work to eradicate...

But, let's make unprincipled exceptions whenever convenient. Der Movement has lots of experience with that with Derbyshire.  You see how the slippery slope works?

...but it is not Mr. Kumar’s fault that his mother chose to marry an Indian man. 

What kind of argument is that? Wait...that'll be the new excuse to allow such people - including "the kids" - in Der Movement's "bring out your dead" Luddite ethnostate.

Her heritage did not evaporate simply because she married a foreigner.

Hey, it doesn't matter if Kumar is half-Indian. He has the Holy High Truster ancestry so he's better than some untermenschen from Southern of Eastern Europe.

I, for one, applaud Mr. Kumar for choosing to embrace the white side of his identity. 

So, any mixed race person who does the same - including mulattoes - should be similarly accepted, right?

More importantly, as I will go on to explore in further detail, Neil Robinson Kumar explicitly identifies himself as a white advocate. He openly fights on behalf of whites, for white interests...

My riposte: Ourselves Alone.

Fight LGBTQ Perversion.

Family is the most critical building block to civil society. To defile marriage is to destroy the family. America must flat-out reject the perversion of family life by the hateful, anti-Christian homosexual lobby."

That's part of Kumar's platform - does that mean he's against Counter-Currents?

At the AmRen Conference, Mr. Kumar greeted Jared Taylor and Peter Brimelow as old friends; of course, he writes for both of their publications, but the camaraderie appeared as genuine and as natural as can be.

But of course.

Mr. Kumar appears to be friendly with Andrew Torba, the heroic creator and CEO of Gab, a great Christian Patriot and a favorite target of the Global Judeocracy. They regularly repost each other.


Der Movement - half-Asian mongrels good, White ethnics bad.  In summary, everything I wrote here is being proven to be 100% correct.

Some further comments on the Kumar issue. Of course, I have nothing against the man personally.  But one should not decide racial (or any other) policy based upon whether you like or dislike some individual (friends of Derbyshire take note). And, yes, in the unlikely event Kumar wins, that would be a positive for White interests, particularly from a Suvorov’s Law perspective. But a victory will depend mostly on the voters in Arkansas, and secondarily on campaign donors; Der Movement in theory need do nothing except briefly note that a “pro-White” non-White is running for office and say, “good luck.” And nothing more. I object to the enthusiastic cheerleading and support, the unprincipled exception excusing miscegenation, the hypocrisy in accepting mixed-race half Asians while rejecting White ethnics, all of it. Most of all, this fits into the pattern I have identified of Der Movement moving away from hardcore White nationalism and embracing multiracial right-wing populism.

Der Movement delights in the spectacle of Tucker Carlson talking about the Great Replacement and so the Quota Queens say that “the normies are moving in our direction.” What the Quota Queens don’t seem to realize is that they themselves are moving as well, in the opposite direction; Der Movement drifts toward rightist normies. Eventually FOX News and Der Movement will converge on Nick Fuentes/Michelle Malkin, leaving us with “Rosie and the Kids White Nationalism.”

This comes to pass because American “movement” “leaders” are all High Trusters, mostly from the American South or West, all with similar backgrounds, all with similar ways of “thinking,” and all with similar biases and hang-ups. They are all carbon copies of each other, and there isn’t an ounce’s worth of sense between them.

The Quota Queens are graded on their performance.  Left to right: Taylor (with moustache), Johnson, Heimbach, MacDonald, and Spencer.

See this. One sentence sums up the entire Amren experience:

Nordicists have on their side the facts of history, but the future would seem to belong to China with its eugenics program.

Reality: Archaeogenetic studies increasingly debunk Nordicist lies, and everything China does is based on what is stolen/copied from the West.

Der Movement continues to throw its lot in with anti-vaxxism. And Der Right continues to spread lies, such as that the vaccines don't have any effects at all on infection; this is not true.  See this as to why this stupidity from Der Movement is so destructive.

Excerpt of a comment left for that article:

Virology is fraud: viruses do not exist and do not cause disease

Pasteur was a charlatan

Der Movement couldn't do more to alienate STEM people if they tried. Well, maybe they are trying. Der Movement is dumber than your garden variety ghetto Negro. So...the person who wrote the comment above would have no problem with me injecting him with a bolus of live rabies virus, directly into his nervous system. Why not? Can we do that experiment?

From another comment:

We should infiltrate our views into the larger anti-vax conversation.

There you go. Then don't be surprised when academics, particularly scientists, are on the Left. Any sensible STEM person will be completely disgusted and alienated from the freakish, illogical, irrational, childish, and factually incorrect Luddite nonsense spewing forth from the fever swamps of Der Right.

And never forget that Johnson bans me from Counter-Currents, but allows the gibbering from nutcases who claim that viruses don't exist. It's all a conspiracy!  If you get sick then that's left-over damage from the napalm and mustard gas dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But, hey, I should be gratified - the faster Der Movement self-destructs, the better for us all.

If you have time, read this. That is science and logic as opposed to demented right-wing gibbering about "terrain theory." The point there about the child-like simplicity of germ denial "argumentation" underscores a point I made here. The basic problem is that Der Right is incapable of complex thinking. To them, a vaccine must be 100% effective and 100% safe in 100% of people, or else it is 100% useless. Similarly, 100% of microbes must infect 100% of people with 100% efficiency in 100% of circumstances, or else the germ theory of disease is false.  And that sort of retarded thinking is why we get apostates from Der Movement whose "epiphany" was "hey. I met this one Black person and they were nice to me, and this one White person I met was nasty." There are racial consequences for child-like simplicity, my dear "movement."

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021

Let’s be thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things to be thankful for:

That the Quota Queens are so inept, and their idiocy of Der Movement is such a failure, that they have delegitimized many of the negative aspects of their ideology.

That the Left is so crazy and, if anything, even dumber than the Retard Right, that American chaos and balkanization is increasing, creating a pool of disaffected Whites who could in theory by attracted to a sane movement (that unfortunately does not currently exist).

That the Salterian concept of ethnic genetic interests (EGI) remains unrefuted, even though there are delusional idiots who wrongly believe that it is.

That the stupid "movement" got humiliated once again, supporting someone who has publicly come out as an "anti-racist" who supports BLM.

That I see increasing numbers of "movement" blog commentators critiquing the slavish Asian-worship of the Quota Queens and Quota Queen sycophants.

Other news:

Listen to this. What are the highlights?
Ethnonationalism is no defined as “showing respect” to the majority population in a mixed population.  Thus, Rosie and the Kids in America and John Morgan in Hungary are allowed. Surprise!

The anti-Italian vulgar Jim Goad is invited to speak at next year’s Amren conference. Surprise! 
Johnson wants the gay Renaud Camus to speak at a future Amren conference. Surprise!

My choices for future Amren conferences: Patrik Hermansson, Dave Lewis, Rosie Derbyshire, Thomas Jackson, Trevor Lynch

Seriously though, if there is such an emphasis on international speakers, why not Noman Lowell?  Or is he too “Med” for Amren?

Filipina Malkin received “standing ovations” at Amren.  Surprise!

Johnson excited that Rittenhouse on Carlson. Still excited after the cucking?

Hungarians an ethnostate with “some foreigners” – oh indeed
Der Movement loses again. Millions of dollars go into “movement” coffers, but no legal infrastructure. There’s a price for grifting. When money is flushed down Der Movement’s toilet, there is less for everything else.

Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Movement Money Pit

The tin cup is overflowing.  In all cases, emphasis added.

See this; I friend of this blog forwarded that very interesting article.  Let us consider together. I will assume that all of the information listed below, and the tax form information from which it is derived, is accurate; if it is not, the groups mentioned should correct it. The ProPublica not-for-profit database is currently not updated with this information. I will first fisk the article and then make my main argument at the end.

For the second year in a row, the right wing’s favorite dark money donation vehicle has given an unprecedented sum to a notorious white nationalist hate group.

Putting aside the breathless, inflammatory verbiage (“dark money, notorious, hate”), the basic problem here is that most of the groups in question are NOT “white nationalist” but instead are “yellow supremacist” HBD “race realist” and/or immigration restriction-minded civic nationalist. Now, even though the groups in question are not White nationalist, they all are definitely part of Der Movement; note that I have been chronicling how Der Movement has been abandoning genuine, authentic White nationalism in favor of the emerging HBD-Nordicist-ethnonationalist-Amnat alliance that centers on the ideologies promoted by those non-WN “movement” groups. So there is no inconsistency in stating that they are not White nationalist but are part of Der Movement.

New tax records obtained by the Center for Media and Democracy (CMD) reveal that nonprofit charity DonorsTrust bankrolled the New Century Foundation—an alias for American Renaissance, a white nationalist organization led by Jared Taylor—with $600,000 in 2020.

Consider that very carefully the next time Amren rattles the tin cup.

That amount exceeds the New Century Foundation’s total annual revenue in any year since 2010.

They’re moving on up.

American Renaissance, which is designated by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) as a white nationalist hate group, is Taylor’s online magazine and is known for creating the black-on-white crime myth…

It’s not a myth. It is based on official statistics, for example, those from the FBI.

…which has inspired terrorists including Dylann Roof to commit mass murder.


“You don’t exactly need a PhD to understand why Jared Taylor is a white nationalist”…

I have a PhD, and I understand that Jared Taylor is NOT a White nationalist – he self-identifies as a “White advocate” and a “race realist” (i.e., a HBDer) and he has suggested that some people may view Amren as “yellow supremacist.” Amren conferences have featured Jews, Asian, and race mixers as speakers. I am a White nationalist, not Taylor.

…said Michael Edison Hayden, a senior investigative reporter and spokesperson for the SPLC. “He believes that Black people are less intelligent, less empathetic, and less human than white people. 

Well, that’s true, isn’t it?

He will tell you that with his own words and does so every day on his website, which is so grotesquely and openly racist I sometimes feel nauseated reading it.

If by “openly racist” you mean animus against White ethnics, then yes, I’ve chronicled Amren attacks against (Southern) Italians, Hungarians, and Romanians at EGI Notes. Other than that, Amren is extremely mild, milquetoast, milksop stuff.  If it is nauseating, it is because the pro-Jewish and pro-Asian attitudes extant there. And if this idiot gets sickened by reading the weak sauce of Amren, then he’d probably keel over and drop dead after reading EGI Notes.

DonorsTrust is a fund associated with the Kochs, the Mercers, and other right-wing billionaire families. It is a donor-advised fund sponsor, meaning that it manages individual charitable accounts for its clients for a fee. These clients, who can hide their identities from the public by using DonorsTrust, “advise” DonorsTrust about where the money should go, but the organization has total legal authority to decide which organizations will receive funding.

They can give their money where they damn please. I don’t like the Quota Queens wasting money that could be used better elsewhere, but there’s no accounting for donor taste.

In 2020, DonorsTrust also gave $75,000 to the foundation behind the prominent white nationalist hate group VDARE, the tax records show. 

Stupid and factually incorrect breathless soyboy posturing. VDARE may be prominent in Der Movement but it is NOT “white nationalist” nor does it promote “hate.” If only that characterization was true, then I could support VDARE’s mission, but it is not true.

The previous year, as CMD first reported, DonorsTrust gave over $1.5 million to the VDARE Foundation. 

Well, there’s a lot of “executive compensation” needed there, no doubt.

The amount was far greater than the group’s previous annual revenue record and likely helped VDARE purchase a castle in West Virginia. 

So that’s where the money came from?

In total, VDARE took in a whopping $4.3 million in 2019, as CMD and the SPLC reported.

Remember that the next time Der Movement cries poverty, and tells you they can’t build a legal infrastructure because of financial reasons.

VDARE, led by Peter Brimelow, promotes the white genocide conspiracy theory…

It is not a conspiracy. Demographic change, which is celebrated by the Left, is an objective fact.

…a central tenet of white nationalism…

Brimelow is NOT a White nationalist.  He is an immigration restrictionist civic nationalist.  That is the agenda of VDARE, along with HBD “race realism.”

…has published apologia for white nationalist terrorists..


…and regularly churns out anti-immigrant propaganda. 

So what? Immigration can legitimately be challenged. By the way, Brimelow was an immigrant, and Derbyshire was an illegal alien immigrant.  

“There’s ethnic specialization in crime,” said Brimelow at a 2017 event hosted by American Renaissance, “and Hispanics do specialize in rape, particularly of children. They’re very prone to it, compared to other groups.”

That’s true, isn’t it?

As the American conservative movement, inspired by the racism and conspiracy theories of former president Donald Trump…

If Trump is a “racist” then he’s one against White people, having taken their votes and doing nothing to help them, not even mentioning them as a group in any public address or comment, while foaming at the mouth about how much he and his administration helped every group but Whites.  And most of the “conspiracy theories” have turned out to be, likely, true.

…moves further and further to the right…

Yes, that “conservative movement,” and the GOP that serves as its vehicle, may even reach the point it was in the 1950s, under that radical Nazi Dwight Eisenhower and his Operation Wetback.  Truth is, the “American conservative movement” (sic), just like American society as a whole, has been moving left for decades. Any correction to that, however minor, is to be welcomed.

DonorsTrust has dramatically increased its funding of white nationalist hate groups. 

Name one such group, not including groups whose ideology contradicts authentic White nationalism.

Before 2019, the charity had not donated to such groups, although for some time it has been financing anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant, and anti-LGBTQ hate groups. 

Is the SPLC an anti-White hate group?

As CMD reported, the trend continued in 2020: DonorsTrust doled out large sums to the Center for Security Policy ($1.8 million), the David Horowitz Freedom Center (nearly $200,000), and the Pacific Justice Institute ($74,000), among other extremist organizations.

So, anyone to the right of you is an “extremist” peddling “hate.” Did you ever stop to consider that one reason that DonorsTrust has expanded its donations to groups you despise is that it is a response to the hateful leftist extremism of people like you, and of the SPLC?

DonorsTrust did not immediately respond to an emailed request for comment.

They are under no obligation to answer to the likes of you.

DonorsTrust deserves all the scrutiny it can get for funding American Renaissance,” said SPLC’s Hayden. “

How about those who donate to the SPLC?  What kind of “scrutiny” do they “deserve?”

All Americans, regardless of race…

Lie. Don't speak for me, scumbag.

…suffer immensely when financial institutions lift up those who deem Black people to be subhuman…

Why should Americans suffer by truth being funded?  Doesn’t truth set you free?  I for one suffer by having to live among subhuman Blacks.

… It sets our country back by decades.”

Quite the opposite.  The problem is not the agenda Hayden fantasizes about.  If that agenda was actually being funded, and good work was being done with that money, then that would be beautiful. Unfortunately, what we have instead is money going to inept “race realist” and civic nationalist Quota Queens.

Other donor-advised fund sponsors finance white nationalist hate groups, but not nearly as generously as DonorsTrust. Some of the biggest charities in the nation have recently given money to the New Century Foundation, the VDARE Foundation, and other white nationalist organizations.

Again, you mendacious, lying, gaslighting, dishonest piece of utter filth, the New Century Foundation and the VDARE Foundation are NOT “white nationalist organizations.” In my opinion, what they stand for is antithetical to genuine White nationalism.

The National Philanthropic Trust donated to these two groups for the first time in 2020, giving $50,000 each to the New Century Foundation and the VDARE Foundation. Through a spokesperson, the trust evaded responsibility for its donations.

They are not obligated to explain their donations to the likes of you.

Our donors recommend grants that support a variety of organizations, all in good standing with the IRS, which may be on differing sides of a cause. NPT does not take a position on which causes our donors support however we carefully follow strict due diligence procedures to ensure compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. In accordance with NPT policy, we suspend grants to charities under investigation by any regulatory body that calls into question an organization’s ability to carry out a charitable mission.

That’s reasonable.

Other recent funders of white nationalist hate groups include the donors-advised fund sponsors linked to the Fidelity, Schwab, and Vanguard investment firms.

Interesting.  Why are they donating?  There are many possibilities here, some good, some not. Buying “insurance” in case things get “hot?” Co-opting genuine White nationalism by funding its intra-“movement” opposition?  A response to being shocked by the behavior of the Left over the past few years?  Who knows?

The people who should be interested in all of this is not hysterical leftists, but pro-White activists, who give their hard-earned money for “D’Nations” and who probably don’t know how well off the recipients of those donations are, and would be outraged by how little is being accomplished by all the money received.

I need to get in this racket; when I retire, I need to get on the “movement” gravy train!  Shilling for shekels!  Look at the chart at the end of the article.  Where’s my money?  My tin cup is empty. Oh the agony!

Now comes my main message, which is all 100% consistent with everything I have been writing about Der Movement and its finances over the last few years.  Der Movement loves to cry poverty, rattle the tin cup for “D’Nations,” engage in constant fundraising, excuse their endless failures by claiming a lack of funds and other resources, but, as you can see, in reality, they are doing quite well financially. They are certainly doing better than any of us, and certainly doing better than the masses of activists, some of whom who are not doing well, who shell out the shekels to pad Der Movement’s overflowing coffers.

The problem is not that Der Movement is making big money.  The problem is that they are making big money while:

  • Constantly shilling for “D’Nations” from rank-and-file activists and putting forth the fa├žade of being struggling, deplatformed, and defunded victims fighting a System in which virtually everyone is against them.
  • Promoting ideologies that are hostile to, and in competition with, the pan-European White nationalism that I espouse.
  • Accomplishing little of value for pro-White activism as a whole, taking resources away from potential activities that could be of value, while, in some cases, getting comfy “executive compensations” for doing things other people do for nothing.
There are serious consequences for this waste of money,  Consider the recent Unite the Right civil suit decision. The "movement" lacks an effective legal infrastructure in part because the financial resources are not available - and yet the Quota Queens are taking in "unprecedented sums" of money.  Do you see the problem?  

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

The Burial of American White Nationalism

More evidence supporting my analysis.

Let’s consider my essay on The Death of American White Nationalism. Many of the points made in that essay have been supported by evidence from the latest Amren conference.  And now we have a summary of that conference from an attendee, a summary that presents more evidence supporting my thesis – a thesis even further supported by various other portents observed in the “movement.”

The signs and portents of the death of American White nationalism are all around you. Lawrence and Affirmative Right attack the very foundations of a rational, scientific White nationalism.  

We see that continues.

And if you talk about the Jews, well, that's the "Jewpill" and no long acceptable in the brave new world of today's "activism."

Counter-Currents promotes multiracialism and tries to redefine White nationalism as simply a grouping of different traditional European ethnic nationalisms.  Non-Whites are not only valued commentators at FOX News – which is expected from cuckservatives – but in Der Movement itself (e.g., Lipton Matthews, Michelle Malkin, Amren Jews). 

Apart from Jews – who Taylor considers to be White (or HuWhite) – was there ever a non-White Amren speaker before Malkin? I don’t recall anyone. Am I missing anyone? Thus, we should not underestimate the turning point of Malkin’s appearance. Who is next? Lipton Matthews? I suppose that we need to give credit to the Asiaphile HBDers – by being patient and persistent over time they’ve wrecked kinship-based White racial nationalism. 

When Amren focuses on HBD and harps about Asian superiority and invites Jews, Filipinas, and race-mixers as honored speakers, then White nationalism dies. 

As we see happening.

Out with the old, in with the new – Color, Color everywhere.  “Rosie and the kids!”  After all, the scorn for WN 1.0 and the embrace of WN 2.0 or WN 3.0 was a signal that the Quota Queens were jettisoning actual White nationalism for something fundamentally different.

And so Malkin speaks at Amren.

And so we are left with an utterly transformed "movement." The HBD poison was allowed in. Everything else – the Alt Right fiasco, traditionalist cul-de-sacs, the multiracial Alt Lite-Amnat-American First Trumpian “big tent,” obsessions with mainstreaming…

I note that Pilleater claims that “Nick Fuentes has power over Amren” and was instrumental in getting Malkin invited. This is all consistent with my “The Death of American White Nationalism” essay.  As is the re-emergence of “The American Freedom Party” and what Pilleater calls the “shift” of attitude of Amren. According to Pilleater, Taylor claims that Amren is "the leading dissident right voice" - with Counter-Currents, VDARE, and TOO being "little orbiters." Not much humility there. I note that according to ProPublica the "orbiter" VDARE far outstrips Amren in fundraising. However, putting aside the issue of cash flow (always a prime consideration for the Quota Queens), if we agree that Amren is “the leading dissident right voice" then the choices being made by Amren, very evident at their latest conference, will help determine the direction of the American “movement” – a direction moving toward multiracial civic nationalism, Asians everywhere, Amnats on the march, anti-vaxx hysteria being more of a concern than forced racial integration, etc.

What we have instead of genuine American White nationalism is HBD race realism, multiracial right-wing populist conservatism, Trump worship, traditionalism, conspiracy theorizing, “We’re all God’s Children” Christianity, lunatic fringe Nordicism and ethnic fetishism – everything and anything except good old basic (pan-European) White racial nationalism.

Indeed, all we need is a few “tweaks” to existing law and we can all enjoy a warm and cozy multiracial America.

Mr. Hood also said that he sees little prospect for civic nationalism unless two conditions are met: the abolition of racial preferences and the enforcement of all immigration laws.

Thus, multiracial civic nationalism is A-OK with Hood and Amren as long as affirmative action is banned (presumably only in the broader society but not in the “movement”) and we have enforcement of immigration laws.  That’s it – the new “White nationalism” conflates to ending racial quotas and “building the wall.”

Thus, everyone of good will who wants humanity to advance rather than degenerate has an interest in helping our struggle.

Malkin for example.  Why not Lipton Matthews?  

See this.

…the Left has unwittingly purged the Dissident Right of its most unsavory element; and make no mistake about it, the purging of this unsavory element eventually would have had to be done, anyway…The Left has done a favor to our movement by removing this unsavory element. This goes a long way toward explaining why the recent American Renaissance convention was so pleasant and why there were so few protesters present. It also demonstrates the significance of Michelle Malkin’s speech at AmRen.

Oh, indeed. Let us consider together. If Malkin was sincere in being pro-White, it seems to me she could be more useful to the cause by being in the mainstream, such as being a Tucker Carlson-like commentator. If the argument is that having non-Whites around makes the “movement” more palatable for sensitive White normies then that is not only ideologically suspect (why do we need to depend on Colored approval?) but practically questionable. After all, having Coloreds in the Alt Lite didn’t help them in any way. So, what’s the agenda? I suspect that the real reason Malkin is being brought in, and similar things taking place, is to purge the “movement" of hardcore Whites-only “ourselves alone” WNs, and to co-opt those activists who remain by making them choose to accept Asians, etc. To put it bluntly, Malkin is Nutzi repellant. And by “Nutzi” in this context I mean hardcore WNs, including myself. This is all consistent with my analysis of how American White nationalism is being destroyed.

A Counter-Currents commentator responds to Jim Goad's latest screed:

Victor HendersonNovember 22, 2021 at 11:20 am

Man stop defending Asians, many of them hate white people. They play a game and play many dumb white as usual. Because many sadly insecure white nationalist have a weakness for Asian women I am noticing a lot ‘’pandering’’ towards Asians. The Asians have a very very deep hatred for the West, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos etc. Ask Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders they understand the real menace of the Yellow Peril.

Vic, if you want realism about Asians, come to EGI Notes and Ted Sallis Gab. If you stay in Der Movement, you'll soon find an Asiatrix in your bedroom screaming at you, and what she'll be saying is not that her name is "Ben Dover." Cut the cord, leave Counter-Currents. What this Henderson fellow is complaining about is the very thing that this post is about - the "movement" is no longer about White nationalism or even White advocacy, but instead is nothing more or less than Asian-loving "race realism."


DarkPlatoNovember 22, 2021 at 7:58 am

I can’t figure out if the left or right is crazier.

American White nationalism is DEAD.

It’s time to bury the corpse.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Odds and Ends, 11/21/21

In der news.

A “movement” retard writes:

…the social reductionism of Dawkins, Salter, etc., in which human volition melts into the background and the genes compete against each other…

That’s a complete misrepresentation of what Salter wrote, and displays either a complete lack of understanding of that work, or, more likely, that the retard never read Salter’s work and is instead depending upon Asiatic HBD “critiques.”

Which leads us to:

(Btw, Razib Khan and the geneticists at gnxp, among others, debunked the non-scientist Salter's "EGI" many years ago.)

No one there is, or was, a “geneticist” and they “debunked” nothing. Their logically inept and factually incorrect self-interested “criticisms” were REPEATEDLY answered by me, in different forums, and Salter himself answered some of it in the introduction to the second edition of OGI.

Remember this?  Let us consider together. In the Pilleater tape, Greg Johnson claimed that he "vets" Amren conferences, telling Taylor who should be allowed to attend. Although there was some controversy about that (I think Forney or someone claimed that an Amren person told him that was not true), let's take Johnson at his word. If true, that means he went from denouncing the idea of live Amren conferences to vetting those same conferences in a few years time. Similarly, Derbyshire quickly transitioned from "Amren latrine flies" to being a honored speaker to those "latrine flies." And these guys still deny affirmative action? Really? Who are they fooling?

See this.

Pertness and ignorance may ask a question in three lines, which it will cost learning and ingenuity thirty pages to answer. When this is done, the same question shall be triumphantly asked again the next year, as if nothing had ever been written upon the subject.

That’s exactly the situation with attacks against Salterism. No matter how lengthy detailed and comprehensive my ripostes to those attacks; the retards just repeat them over and over again as if they’ve never been refuted.

The HBDer diet.

For lunch you’re gonna eat Chinese food. Now I don’t want you eating that crappy stuff. You wanna get the stuff with MSG. None of that non-MSG bullshit. I don’t care what you eat but you have to sit down and eat for at least 45 minutes straight. You can’t let go of the fork. Eat until your eyes swell up and become slits and you start to look like the woman behind the counter.

While much support for HBD comes from ethnic self-interest, either directly or from marriage and family, or from particular ideological grounds (Nordicism or some other hostility to pan-Europeanism), in some cases there may well be an aesthetic component to it. Think of the stereotype of the verbally adept, erudite, sophisticated, cosmopolitan Jew. Or, think of the stereotype of the quiet, hard-working, superficially agreeable Asian, with high test scores and violin playing.  From the standpoint of personal aesthetic preferences, an urbane WASP like Taylor may well prefer those types to White ethnics – even highly educated and accomplished ones – who are more rough-edged, uncouth, plain-speaking, with regional urban accents deriving from working class/lower middle class backgrounds.  Particularly, if these aesthetic preferences are combined with certain ideological fixations and/or personal friendships (e.g., Derbyshire and his Chinese wife and mixed race children), this can result in a strong pro-HBD bias.  And we cannot dismiss ethnic resentment against “White ethnic upstarts” (from which Jews are exempted for the reasons explained above and as well their exotic otherness, so that they escape the “narcissism of small differences” effect).

A friend of this blog at Gab posts:

personally think their is a HBD 1.0 and HBD 2.0 and they should be seen differently.

HBD 1.0 are Jensen, Sailer, Levin, Hart, Lynn and Rushton. Cochran and Murray I think are sorta bridges to 2.0.

I think your right that a lot of HBD is motivated by aesthetic preference. All these people were urbane in some way. New York astrophysicist Hart, Berkeley professor Jensen, Cambridge educated Lynn, peace corps Charles Murray etc.

HBD 2.0 are Sean Last, Emil OWK, Ryan Faulk, Cofnas, Anatoly Karlin, Woodley, Gregoire Canlorbe, Davide Piffer and Dutton.

HBD 2.0 are so bizarre and fringy. You have psychics, cryptozoologist, anime feet enthusiast, college dropouts, spiteful mutant theologians, people who want to be uploaded to a computer etc. I am personally confused on what motivates them.

I think their is definitely a strange psychology to the HBDer and it is definitely not "disinterested rationality" like they purport.

I'll admit not being very familiar with the 2.0 crowd.  Cofnas I know about, re: MacDonald and of course there's Dutton. Piffer I've commented on and Canlorbe I've mocked.  But I haven't really considered how more juvenile the newest crowd is (other than my comments about Dutton and his crazed antics on his videos).

If we assume that some of the Quota Queens sincerely believe that they are not anti-Med, then they are delusional. They simply do not seem to understand that their toxic brew of Nordicism, HBD Nordicism, ethnic fetishism, Anglocentrism, Germanocentrism, Sallis’ Law, Humphrey hagiography, HBD race realism, etc. alienates Meds. The problem is that even if they do not politically align with Nordicism, they have internalized its belief and memes. Since they believe (even if unconsciously) that Meds are inferior, they don’t, or can’t, grasp that Meds don’t see themselves as inferior and therefore will reject Der Movement for reasons that the Quota Queens don’t see. The Quota Queens, whether they admit it or not, see Meds as second-class, subaltern, borderline Whites (if White at all) and therefore do not understand why Meds react negatively to that “truth.”


Christians can and should seize power (legally) of state legislatures in states like West Virginia and Tennessee and start passing Biblical legislation. Let the federal government sue, who cares? Ignore and enforce.

Ban abortion.

Mandate school choice and provide resources for homeschooling parents.

Ban ursury.

Incentivize nuclear family creation and expansion.

Close businesses on Sunday again.

Plenty more we can do. We should think about getting these states and more under Christian control before it's too late.

Anything missing from Andy's policy wish list? How about banning forced racial integration, affirmative action, resettlement of "refugees," etc.? No, instead we need to close businesses on Sunday. That's great. Car breaks down on Sunday - you're shit out of luck. No worries though, your local Negro will help you out, help you out real well. Indeed, once they are finished, you'll never need help with anything else ever again.

According to FOX News, being called a "White supremacist" is slander. Now, we need to understand what is meant by "White supremacist" - essentially, in "normie" lingo, a "White supremacist" is any activist who is, claims to be, or is labelled by others to be, merely "pro-White."  This not only puts an interesting focus on the attitude of FOX News, but also we note how much being a pro-White activist is anathema, even on the populist Right.  Contrary to the cries of the grifters - "we are making great progress, just send me more money" - the fact is that pro-White activism, REAL pro-White activism, isn't accepted by society any more than it was in the days of WN 1.0, which the grifters tell us were so bad compared to the wonderful WN 2.0 successes of today.

Don't drink the Kool-Aid.  It's all lies.

Sesame Street goes HBD.

What might have been.  I look forward to their upcoming report.

Listen to this.

Three points:

  • 1. Pilleater had no problems attending; this puts into perspective Johnson's claims of vetting the conference.
  • 2. All of the comments about Johnson and Counter-Currents were quite interesting.
  • 3. The comments about the direction of Amren and the "movement" - Malkin and Asians, America First, American Freedom Party - are consistent with my recent writing on the subject. Of course, Pilleater thinks things that I object to are good, but the trends are what they are, independent of different opinions on whether the trends are good or bad.

Quota Queens on the march.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Yet Another Strategic Error

Der Movement fails again.

I’ve written about this before, but I will do so again here. Having Der Movement throwing its lot in with anti-vaxxers (and other conspiritard types) is a major strategic error. It is tempting for the Quota Queens to do this since it can have short-term tactical advantages, such as plugging into the pre-existing FOX News/Gab crowd – i.e., the same folks who consider Blacks to be “Children of God” and who disavow “White supremacists.” But the dubious short-term tactical advantages of associating with irrational right-wing Luddites is more than offset by the long-term strategic error of alienating highly-educated professions, particularly STEM people (*).

The ultimate success of pro-White activism requires a healthy representation of those highly educated professionals.  Doing things that repel those people is a disaster.

*Given that much of Der Movement’s core ideas are based on biology and genetics, it is simply astonishing (but not surprising, knowing “movement” stupidity) that “movement” “activists” would aggressively alienate (actual and potential) pro-White members of the biomedical community.  The degree of self-destructive sabotage is – to use that word again – astonishing.

Thursday, November 18, 2021

Lawrence Again, 11/21

A moral turd.

As a preface, I want to say that, to me, anyone who participates at the blog of anti-WN Jewish HBDer Unz is an enemy of the White race and is a moral turd. I have been alerted that Lawrence, over at that selfsame Unz blog, has attacked me; I’ll briefly respond.

Finally, at the risk of trying the reader’s patience, let’s take a look at @FvS (comment 9) who links to the blog of Ted Sallis – basically a glorified comment account in which a rather unhinged…

Just like Greg Johnson with his “mental illness” pathologization of critics. That seems to be a common trope of these types.

…White Nationalist veteran spews the bitterest vitriol against everyone he reads…

Everyone?  Salter?  Lowell?

…only from the safety of a no-comments-allowed blog where his victims cannot take him to task and puncture his delusion of being right about everything.

See my position about comments below.

Follow the first link, and you will Ted’s vehemently insulting reaction to my post on White Nationalism, in which he accused me of being an “ethnic fetishist” for Nordics with an “ethnic animus” to Southern Europeans (both tendencies I despise) on the basis of a single offhand comment about racial admixture that he twisted out of its proper context. 

That reminds me of when Arthur Kemp, in response to some criticism on my old Legion Europa blog, denied that he was a Nordicist. I suppose that Madison Grant wasn’t a Nordicist either. This Lawrence, following Sallis’ Law to the letter, talked about “racial admixture” in Southern Europe (ignoring evidence of such in Northern Europe) in the context of it being superfluous to his (typically long-winded and rambling) “argument,” and is then disturbed about being called out on it.  If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….I don’t know, if Lawrence “despises” those “tendencies” then he might stop invoking those tendencies in his “writing” – particularly at the blog of someone known to indulge in those “tendencies.” The best way not to enable “tendencies” that you allegedly “despise” is to – surprise! – not enable them.

This led me to conclude that he was intellectually dishonest, but I also speculated – either irreverently, or charitably, depending on your perspective – that he could also be “intoxicated”, “semiliterate”, or “retarded”. This resulted in the outraged huffing and puffing that you see in the second link…

So, Lawrence engages in ad hominem “vitriol” and then is disturbed when there is a response.  Who is a soft, thin-skinned bully?

… – for Ted has developed a soft, thin skin in the padded cell of his insulated blog, and like a stereotypical bully, is not used to being hit back with anything like his own habitual ferocity.

All that Johnson–like pathologization aside, long-time readers of this blog know why I don’t have a comments section on my blogs. I’ll repeat my reasoning for new readers. First, my previous experience at sites such as Majority Rights leads me to have a low opinion of the worth of many, perhaps most, comments, which often lower the tone of the blog and often descend into flamewars (see Lawrence’s own hysterics). Moderated comments I see as somewhat dishonest, as one can always censor effective responses against your position and/or “ban” critics as does Johnson. Second, and more important, there are issues of time and of opportunity costs. Unlike many “movement” freaks, I have a life outside activism. Unlike Quota Queen grifters, I support myself and do not depend on “D’Nations.” I’m not earning anything – much less $340,000 in one year as “executive compensation” – for running my blogs.  I have to budget my time and effort accordingly.  Producing my own material is more time effective than spending time reading and answering comments. Considering how much time is wasted responding to flotsam and jetsam such as Lawrence (who does not lack forums to answer me, as you see), I think my stance on comments is prudent. Call that “the padded cell” of my “insulated blog” if you wish but I’m not changing my policy.

I also have long noted in my 20+ years of commenting on the Internet that when Nordicists behave with "ferocity" and use "vitriol" that is all well and good and often praised, but in my case, I'm "unhinged" and suffering from "insanity" (defamation from Lawrence and Johnson, respectively). You can read into that what you will.

The third linked post on Salter is more reasoned, but still exhibits the same basic intellectual dishonesty (or, if you prefer, “self-deception”). Ted is basically moving the goalposts, setting up a rigid distinction between Salterian prescription and description – i.e. between the theory of EGI-adaptive behaviour, and the reality of actual human behaviour – that is all but impossible to distinguish in most parts of Salter’s On Genetic Interests. 

Not true. Salter usually was careful about that. Did Lawrence read the book? If so, is he challenged with respect to reading comprehension?

Technically, of course, it’s possible to defend Salter in this way – like a Renaissance astronomer before the Inquisition – by saying that theory is theory, reality is reality, and the former just posits more or less accurate hypothetical models of the latter. But this is downright disingenuous if you are Ted Sallis, who has written elsewhere about the need to capitalise EGI into “biopolitics”...

Disingenuous? Not at all. This argument from Lawrence is particularly stupid. The whole purpose of argumentation is to change human behavior to agree with your position. People do one thing today. I want them to do something else tomorrow. The former is descriptive; the latter is prescriptive. What’s the problem?  Even worse for Lawrence's criticism – the behavior that I am trying to change is something that in the past was more in line with what I am prescribing. The behavior is therefore changeable, it is malleable, it can be altered. I want Whites to behave in a more ethnocentric manner (that they have done in the past). That they are currently displaying a different behavior does not invalidate my prescription (to argue otherwise is an error derived from the is-ought fallacy)

What it looks like to me is a classic setup for a motte-and-bailey fallacy. 

No, it is not. I am not conflating more and less controversial positions and defending the former by invoking the latter. I am making distinctions between things that are in fact distinct, and clarifying core concepts from peripheral, sometimes irrelevant comments (e.g., the Bantu issue).  If anything, Lawrence is doing a reverse “motte and bailey” – cherry picking isolated more controversial comments to invalidate the core thesis that is less controversial and that is based on genetic realities and sound evolutionary theory.

When we try to pin Salter down on his statements about Bantu immigrants and drowing children…

What is “drowing?” In any case, the fact that Lawrence keeps on harping on this Bantu thing reinforces my suspicion that he either hasn’t read Salter’s book or read it very superficially and is instead depending on second-hand HBD/leftist criticism, which often focuses on this single cherry picked sentence to invalidate Salter's entire carefully argued book.

I can’t speak for Salter, but it seems to me that he invoked the Bantu example as an extension of Haldane’s comment about saving siblings or cousins from drowning – basically extending Haldane’s family example to an ethnic one. It was a rhetorical device, a single sentence, and to obsessively focus on it suggests that the focuser is being dishonest. 

Ted whisks his guru off to the “motte”, by telling us that Salterian “adaptiveness” is purely theoretical…

Purely theoretical? I never said that. Lawrence is lying. I merely said that the SPECIFIC Bantu example that Lawrence obsesses about is theoretical and not meant by Salter to be something he’s telling people to do. See my comment:

The actual context of the statement is that it follows an intricate discussion of population genetics and genetic kinship and Salter is clearly theoretically (“it would appear to be”) speculating on adaptive behavior in an objective sense. He does not expect, or advise, e.g., that a person will strap a torpedo on their back and swim out to blow up a migrant boat while at the same time ignoring their own child drowning.

This comment about "theoretically" is specifically and only about the Bantu statement (as is clear from the context of that quote). It is not an assertion that "Salterian adaptiveness" as a whole is merely theoretical. As Salter writes, his prescription for "adaptiveness" could be actualized via (bold font in original):

…political activity and inexpensive but repetitive acts of favouritism shown to ingroup members. Favouring many individuals at low per-unit cost also helps overcome the free rider problem.

Back to Lawrence:

…and is mediated through various “proximate proxies” for EGI in practical life. 

I never said that in the sense that it MUST be mediated that way – if often is, but can also be directly (which is optimal) mediated through smaller-scale actions (e.g., anti-immigration activism instead of stopping those Bantus in the water).

Okay…so let’s say we assume that humans have evolved a crude predilection for people with similar external characteristics to themselves, which originates as a proxy for EGI as theorised by Salter…

I NEVER stated that. In fact, I have for years argued that there is NO need to argue for the evolution of anything. I have argued endlessly that the evolution of altruism or ethnic nepotism is NOT required.  All you need is conscious rational decision making to pursue genetic interests.  For example - It is an objective fact that Englishmen are genetically more similar to French than to Nigerians.  Now, an Englishman can look at that fact and decide that his interests are served by helping the French to resist African immigration. Another Englishman can state that he doesn’t care, or, in typical High Truster style, he helps the Africans. The former action is adaptive, the latter is not.  No evolution of anything is required. See the addendum below. Salter writes about his prescription for pursuing EGI:

...to think responsibly about ethnic affairs requires more deliberation and systematic fact-finding than is necessary in the personal realm.

That's conscious and rational "deliberation and systematic fact-finding" not some sort of "evolved...crude predilection for people with similar external characteristics to themselves."

The idea that all human behavior is strictly evolved and genetically determined is something out of HBD (that Lawrence apparently believes has validity), not from Salter or myself.

...but in practice can be ‘hacked’ by anything from linguistic similarity to political similarity to cultural similarity. 

No, it are proximate interests that can be “hacked.”  EGI cannot be “hacked” because genetic similarity is what it is – which is why focusing on ultimate interests rather than proximate ones is superior.  See this. 

Back to Lawrence:

And then let’s say we make this the basis for a milquetoast conservative proposal to force non-white immigrants to adopt local language, culture and customs, since as far actual human beings are concerned one type of similarity is more or less as good as another. Presumably, at this point Ted will come storming out into the “bailey”, to tell us why we should be modelling our real-life behaviour on the underlying EGI instead of the non-genetic proxy.

Indeed I will so storm out, because the cultural approach has (directly) nothing to do with EGI. This fellow has a complete misunderstanding of both Salter’s work and of my perspective on it.  Everything that he’s saying is essentially completely wrong.  Strawman arguments everywhere.

Now that we understand these sleazy hand-waving tricks..

Childish ad hominem.

…let’s look at the fourth linked post on MacDonald. Once again, Ted whisks his guru..

I’m actually very critical of MacDonald on my blog, but I believe his work on the Jews is sound.

…off to the safety of the “motte”, this time by expanding the concept of “group evolutionary strategy” to be as nebulous and unfalsifiable as possible. Now, according to his rules, we must include practically any type of group behaviour under the definition of a group evolutionary strategy – whether it is collectivist or individualist, endogamous or exogamous, evolutionarily beneficial or evolutionarily disastrous.

Lawrence apparently does not understand the distinction between a definition and a hypothesis; while the latter needs to be falsifiable, the former does not.  I provided what I see as a perfectly reasonable definition of a GES:

...the manner in which a group of people (however defined) interacts with each other, with other groups, and with the environment, to affect, positively or negatively, the continuity of the group. 

You may like that, dislike it, consider it “nebulous,” but it is a definition, not anything that requires falsification.  An example of a falsifiable hypothesis would be, e.g., “Judaism is a GES based on X,Y,Z that enhances the fitness of Jews while depressing the fitness of the host peoples among which Jews live.” That is a hypothesis concerning a defined entity (GES). That hypothesis is falsifiable and not, in my opinion, “nebulous,” but one in any case must distinguish between it and a simple definition. An analogy would be with “military strategy," which is defined as:

...a set of ideas implemented by military organizations to pursue desired strategic goals.

That is a definition, perhaps “nebulous,” but it is not a hypothesis requiring falsification.  On the other hand, stating “A military strategy similar to that of the German strategic approach to WWII will inevitably lead to defeat because of X,Y,Z" is a hypothesis. See the difference?  Lawrence would no doubt tell us that military strategy is “a set of ideas implemented by military organizations that must result in victory” – and since one can easily cite examples of failed military strategies then we must conclude that the concept of a military strategy has been “falsified” and that it doesn’t exist. If you a priori define something as leading to success in all cases, then falsification is essentially guaranteed. His "reasoning" is thus exposed as ludicrous.

Now, to be fair, something like this definition of a group evolutionary strategy is actually provided by MacDonald in PTSDA. I didn’t use it in the post, because it is contradicted elsewhere…

Very convenient. Look, I don’t care what definitions MacDonald uses, and whether or not he contradicted himself. I care about my definition, which I see as more logical and comprehensive.  More importantly, note that Lawrence himself now classified GES as a “definition.”  Attention you idiot – a definition does not have to be falsified.  It merely needs to effectively describe that which is being defined.

One must applaud Mr. Lawrence for his accomplishment - his writing makes, by comparison, Heidegger seem succinct, Greg Johnson honest, and Jim Goad introspectively self-aware.  My sincere congratulations.


The whole argument that "ethnic nepotism cannot exist because it could not have evolved" was the same nonsense as what Ingo Brigandt was saying years ago.  It can be answered by pointing out that ethnic nepotism exists and has long existed, and groups that practice it prosper.  Second, see modeling such as this.  

Third, it doesn't have to be a specific behavior that evolved, but a general domain cognitive mechanism (e.g., we didn't evolve to use computers, but our general intelligence allows us to do so, etc.).  Whatever theoretical people make (likely the same as Brigandt and GNXP in more layman's terms), the fact is that ethnic nepotism exists. Even Brigandt admitted it is evolutionarily beneficial to help ethnic kin, he just doesn't think it is possible because it "didn't evolve" - a ludicrous and illogical argument. See my quote below

Of interest to the GNXPers is Brigandt’s confused article: “Brigandt, I. (2001) “The homeopathy of kin selection: an evaluation of van den Berghe's sociobiological approach to ethnicity.” Politics and the Life Sciences 20: 203–215.”  There he attempts to explain why ethnic nepotism is not adaptive.  The problem is that it boils down to Brigandt’s definition of a behavior being adaptive if it evolved.  He asserts that ethnic nepotism could not have evolved because various population groups were isolated from each other during their evolution; hence, there was no selective pressure for ethnic nepotism.  Therefore, given that circumstance, ethnic nepotism could not have evolved; thus, it cannot be adaptive.

Putting aside the argument of whether ethnic nepotism could have evolved, the problem here is a semantic one; that is, defining “adaptive.”  If we wish to define “adaptive” in the sense that Brigandt does, then he may be correct, given that caveat of the footnote below.  However, let’s look at this quote by Brigandt from the same paper (Dawkins, Malloy, and all the “cake eaters,”take note):

True enough, it is an evolutionarily better strategy to spend beneficial behavior towards fellow ethnics than towards outsiders, because you are more closely related to them.

Well, yes. That, in one sentence, is a reasonable summary of Salter’s *prescriptive* argument.  Indeed, herein lies the problem, in that Salter (and I) would define adaptive as “an evolutionarily better strategy” -  a strategy independent of whether or not it has evolved or not.

To add to the confusion, Brigandt follows that sentence with:

But this fact does not indicate that this kind of behavior will evolve (rather than egoism or other behavioral patterns) independent of cost/benefit considerations.

First of all, this is somewhat contradictory, in that cost/benefit considerations come to play in the “evolutionarily better strategy,” so there really is no reason to a priori assume that the behavior is taking place independent of such considerations.  That’s absurd. Brigandt harps on that even the “better strategy” may be “maladaptive” – confusing meanings of adaptive – because of “cost/benefit” considerations.  Again – these considerations are part and parcel of the “better strategy.”  He keeps on talking about the “evolution of altruistic behavior” which is NOT relevant to EGI (see above).