Saturday, December 18, 2021


More retardation from Der Right.

Another right-wing lie. The influenza vaccine typically is not very highly effective, some years worse than others due to a poor match of vaccine to circulating strain, so it is perfectly rational to worry about being infected by someone regardless of vaccination status. The other vaccines mentioned are much more effective, but no vaccine I know of works 100% in 100% of people, which is why herd immunity is desirable. So, in totality, that Gab comment is, as usual, wrong and illogical.

Why does Der Right always have to be ignorant?

When will Der Movement stop lying?  They can't stop. The entire "movement" is based on lies.

The comments section  here proves once and for all that Der Movement is beyond saving. It is full of repulsive, ignorant Luddite lunatics who are easy prey for Russian and Chinese disinformation.

You know, Morgan, saying that the vaccine "causes the creation of new variants" is as logical from a public health perspective as saying that chemotherapy "causes the creation of resistant cancer cells." First of all, if you are so ignorant of basic evolutionary science that you cannot understand the difference between creation and selection, then you have no business commenting. Second, these decisions are not made in a vacuum. Yes, if you don't give the cancer patient chemotherapy, you won't select for resistant cells, but the patient will just die all the faster, and any hope of a cure or remission would not exist. Yes, we could not vaccinate and any selection of variants due to the vaccine (if such exists) would not occur. How many more people who have died then? More to the point, how do you know that even worse variants wouldn't emerge in the non-vaccine context?  See this.

Summary: John Morgan should (metaphorically) shut his filthy mouth.

I am also bemused by the hand-waving “explanation” that Israel has poisoned its precious Jews with the covid “killshot” because Jews are neurotic hypochondriacs in fear of covid. But if they are so neurotic and hypochondriac wouldn’t they be even more fearful of the deadly toxin killshot that, according to Der Right, is killing more people than is covid itself? I suppose that logic is not a strong point of Counter-Currents commentators.

I would have no problem with the anti-covid vaxxers if they would take responsibility for the consequences of their decision; for example, if they became seriously ill with covid, they should not utilize medical resources and should just stay home and either recover or die. But what I do strongly object to is their constant stream of lies and retarded misrepresentations about covid and the vaccine.

Hey Greg Johnson, for the sake of full disclosure:

1. Are you vaccinated against Covid-19?

2. Do you in general support the vaccine?

3. Do you think the vaccine is a "toxic killshot?"

4. Do you think that Israel is killing its population with the "killshot" because they are neurotic hypochondriacs?

I'll answer for myself:

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. No

4. No

That wasn't so hard. Now you do it, you despicable coward.

The good news is that Der Movement is so repulsive to Whites, including highly educated Nutzis like me, that it is highly unlikely that they will ever achieve their goals.

The bad news is that Der Movement is filling the activist niche space, preventing the flourishing of an rational alternative.

I renounce and denounce Der Movement totally and without reservation. Der Movement must be destroyed - one of my life's missions.

Der Movement must be mercilessly destroyed.