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Odds and Ends, 5/31/22

In der news.

According to HBD Nordicism:

Nords are:

1. Egalitarian northern hunter gatherers, with high trust, and genes for altruism, but also

2. Honor-driven, elitist, hierarchical, dominant Indo-European steppe warriors

Further, Nords are:

1. Highly individualist Inner Hajnals, but also

2. Conformists with a Law of Jante culture who adhere to social norms to build collective goods and peaceful, cooperative societies

And then the chicken Morlocks are at the same time both ethnocentric collectivists and low-trust selfish uncooperative jerks who refuse to contribute to collective social goods for the community.

These seeming contradictions are solved by understanding that the core here is that, in any given context, what is "good" is how Nords behave (and in contrast, "bad" is runty chicken Morlock behavior). Context differs from one situation to another, so "good" will differ and the complete incompatibility is ignored. After all this is not only not science, it doesn't even rise to the level of pseudoscience. It's a bad parody of blind religious faith, a form of self-worship (akin to Jewish behavior).

Supremacist language always attracts the wrong people. If it is in favor of your own group, then it attracts those who have nothing going for them other than their belonging to the favored group (and we know what precinct of Der Movement that describes). On the other hand, favoring another group as superior to your own, outgroup supremacist language (and we know who does that), attracts an even sicker species of defective, likely characterized by psychosexual fetishes (e.g., "measured groveling"). It's best to just speak honestly about the strengths and weaknesses of different groups (supremacist language focuses on the strengths and ignores the weaknesses of the favored group) and to base ingroup solidarity on shared (genetic) kinship and culture, not on some sort of "superior" hierarchical ranking, or on a masochistic desire to be enslaved by a "superior" group.

Laugh at this.

Mosely, Yockey, Evola, and Pound:

Their marbles lost, but genius found.

Or perhaps it’s just The System’s guise

To sully, defame, and pathologize

All those eccentric in speech and prose

Who point out the emperors’ lack of clothes.

Err, excuse me, isn't that what Johnson does to the dreaded Ted Sallis - pathologize criticism? Didn't he sully and defame me by writing that I am suffering from "insanity" and stating that I am a "paranoid piece of crap," because I have the temerity to point out the deficiencies of Der Movement, including that of Counter-Currents and of Johnson himself? Isn't the hypocrisy obvious?

Saturday, May 28, 2022

Odds and Ends, 5/29/22

In der news.

Domestic opposition to the board is termed disinformation by Jankowitz - because the domestic opposition claimed that domestic opposition would be termed disinformation by Jankowitz. OK, got it.  Note that leftists, and women in general, cannot grasp the problem there.

Besides focusing on memes to attract recruits, Far Right activists need to focus on finding solutions to the social pricing problem. That is one key to unlocking reservoirs of potential support - people who are sympathetic but fear social pricing effects. Some think that garnering a sufficient mass of followers would deal with social pricing - if there are so many people on the side of the cause, they can support each other and dilute the effects of the pricing, But if social pricing prevents that critical mass to be reached in the first place and/or prevents acquiring necessary high-value people, then we have a chicken-egg scenario. I believe the Far Right needs to address the problem in ways that do not require already having a large mass of supporters. It would be helpful if some of the money going to the cause was used to generate self-sustaining economies that could cushion pricing effects, instead of having the money essentially flushed down the Quota Queen toilet.

A Gab correspondent who is a friend of this blog alerts me to the usual HBD Nordicist crap at Unz:

See this nonsense.

This map correlates very nicely with the green shades in the Map of Westward Expansion of Islam that I had alluded to in my comment #58, above. European regions that had come under Islamic influence for a longer period (for instance Andalusia and Sicily) are shaded black, not surprisingly, due to higher African admixture in the general population there. 

See this.

Nowadays one can easily notice the difference between people living in southern France, where the Umayyad Caliphate (Saracenes), coming from Africa through Iberia, controlled that territory more than a thousand years ago, and those people living north of the Loire River, where Viking and Germanic influences are more pronounced. Similar contrasts apply to the difference between southern Italians, where in Sicily and Calabria Islamic influence prevailed for centuries, and northern Italians in the Po Valley. The differences are not just in physical appearance but manifest themselves in behavioral habits. Many people living in areas previously under Islamic conquest or rule have admixtures of Arabian Mulatto traits, which affect populations in those regions to this day. This is evident in industriousness and innovation, measured in per capita production. For details, please see the historical map embedded in an archived comment from more than two years ago, showing the pervasiveness of the Islamic conquests during earlier times.

Typical “movement” solipsist nonsense – something is “true” just because they write it.  Interesting that no one wants to talk about Asian/Siberian admixture in Northern Europe; you’d think the phenotypes of David Bromstad and Bjork would be of relevance with respect to discussion of Vikings.

We note Sallis' Law in action again there.  And further proof of the existence of the affirmative action program - contrasted to the ease in which Johnson, Spencer, Blodgett et al. "drift" into the highest echelons of Der Movement, do you think that Southern Italians, regardless of merit, have a fair shot?

Anti-Trump "moderate" (i.e., identical to Democrats) Neocon Republicans can "fight to take back the Republican Party." But they can't force people to vote for them. But they really don't care about winning; it's all a grift. just like Der Movement. It's more important to them to maintain control of the gravy train than to actually accomplish anything of real political utility.

Re: this.  Leftists who try to justify current mass migration by pointing out how such things happened in the past are exposed by the findings of the paper discussed. While migration did happen in the past, ultimately, in Europe, it most mostly transient and the final outcome was stability of European population structure. Today’s migration is not transient but of the form of mass colonization of a permanent nature – and, unlike in the past, is associated with higher alien fertility and below-replacement native fertility. In addition, the sources of the migrant populations are today more global and diverse and, in toto, more genetically alien than in the past. So it is not the same thing at all; today’s situation is completely different.

And leftists are hypocrites – on the one hand they try to justify current mass migration by (falsely) pointing to the past, but with respect to other things, they insist we need to change completely and state that “the moral arc of the universe bends to justice.”  Thus, you see, we need to move toward completely different moral paradigms compared to the past. Very well. How about it bending “to justice” for native populations who have the moral right not to be replaced?

WN 3.0's "man in Arkansas" politically humiliated. Kumar's suitability for Der Movement (besides his better-than-Afrowop "north Indian" ultra-Aryan paternal heritage) is described as follows:

What had started as experimentation in high school developed into full-blown drug and alcohol addiction through most of my years at the University of Chicago. You name the drug, and I’ve almost certainly done it. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you how much liquor I drank on a daily basis and the copious quantities of hard drugs I did almost every night.

The Alt-Right marches on!  WN 3.0!

This slavishly pro-Kumar post celebrates his astounding 21.3% vote share. Imagine if it was 30%!

Seriously though, we can give credit to Apu for running; we need more Far Right candidates, preferably White (indeed, I wonder if some Arkansas GOPsters just didn't want to vote for some light brown guy named Kumar).

Neil's campaign has helped illuminate two things:

1. Der Movement is much more comfortable with, and supportive of, the likes of Kumar than of any White ethnic. I believe that Kumar's maternal Scots-Irish Southron ancestry makes him far more appealing to the Quota Queens than, say, a full-blooded wop would be.

2. The GOP Establishment currently will not support an explicitly pro-White candidate, even one who is non-White.

Of course, I already knew these two things. But others need to have it hammered to them, time and again.

OK, please see 2:04-2:15.  That is PURE Yellow Supremacism. That's openly saying that East Asians are superior to Whites. We don't need any more of Gaslighting Greg's livestream interviews to obfuscate the self-admitted FACT that Amren is an Asian supremacist organization. If you think otherwise, either get your hearing checked or take a cognitive evaluation.

No more lies that it is just "Amren wants to show that America is not a White supremacist society since Asians can be successful in America." No, Taylor's comment is a blanket statement of East Asian objective superiority over Whites. Stop lying, mendacious Quota Queens.

Thursday, May 26, 2022

For a Positive Critique Redux

Brief book review.

See this.

I recommend the book For a Positive Critique, by author and nationalist martyr Dominique Venner (1935-2013). Since this is a very short book (50 pages), this will not be a very long and comprehensive review, but I will simply highlight a few important points to whet your appetite to read the entire work yourself. Another reason for not writing an extensive review is that I have already reviewed this book; see here. Why am I writing a second review of a very short work?  Well, I re-read it, and felt that it is of such importance that bringing it to the attention of this blog's readers, once again, is important. In addition, in the four years since I read it last, I may have developed some slightly different perspectives about the book's topics and for that reason may emphasize some parts of the book here more or less compared to what I did in the past. So, thus explaining why a second review of the same book is appropriate, let's get to task.

After reading Venner discussing (unprincipled) opportunists in activism (prescient about today’s Quota Queens) and then criticizing delusional “Mythomania” we find on page five criticism of “counterproductive violence and terrorism” that is the “best way to alienate the general population” (never mind being easy prey to System infiltrators, informants, and agent provocateurs). That is especially relevant in this today of random ‘acting out” killing sprees by unbalanced “activists” as well as the Type I “twigs and branches” crowd and their tropism to Turner Diaries scenarios and tramping through the woods with their rifles (or muskets). On page 15, we see the beginning of a discussion of the importance of a revolutionary doctrine, to which I would add the obvious caveat that it needs to be a sane doctrine and not typical Der Movement retardation.

On page 27, we see discussion of “A Young Europe” that stresses that:

Unity is indispensable to the future of European Nations.

And he includes Eastern Europe in this formulation; as this was written during the Cold War, he envisions those nations first being free of Soviet domination. This is a grand pan-European vision. But he avers that this unity is not to be dominance of any one nation, not due to economics, nor any sort of “standardization or cosmopolitanism” – he does not promote a mindless panmixia. But he realizes that an isolated and divided Europe is doomed to defeat, but they will be an “unstoppable force” if united. The first step in this process, he suggests, will be a political one, forming “a single collective state in an evolutionary form.” On page 30, we read the following Yockeyian comment to conclude this section:

Thus a young Europe, founded on the same civilization, the same space, and the same destiny, will serve as the active center of the West and of the world order. The youth of Europe will have new cathedrals to construct and a new empire to build.

It is obvious what he proposes here is NOT the current anti-nationalist, economic-based, anti-European, and German (and French)-dominated “European Union.”

On page 36, in the section “Bluffing and Effectiveness” he critiques those “notables” (involved in the fight for a French Algeria) who despite “these colossal means at their disposal” “did nothing.”  While today’s Quota Queen notables may not have “colossal means” at their disposal, they have achieved virtually nothing with millions of dollars of support and decades of having loyal followers. On page 39, in “Zero plus Zero,” Venner looks forward to today’s “movement” catastrophe, stating:

Zero plus zero also equals zero.

As he decries the “cranks” and other defectives who impede progress, and who must be “pitilessly pushed aside.”  So much for the “big tent.” On page 47, he critiques “Theatrical Revolutionaries” with their bombastic speech and “the promise of Apocalypse” – essentially akin to Type I Nutzis always stated that “the collapse” is “five years away” (that they’ve been saying since the 1960s) and that we need to “head for the hills” with our muskets to eat twigs and branches while enacting Turner Diaries scenarios.  After a discussion of page 48 on establishing “bases” – “systemic and patient penetration” of the System – he concludes on pages 49-50 to oppose individual people trying to do everything and instead promotes a division of labor and thus specialization of tasks to those best suited but then suggests we need a highly centralized command – which may not be feasible today with the current need, or at least reality, of a more decentralized structure.

But, perhaps, in the end, a more centralized command will indeed be required, at least in a relative sense.  Of course, to have that, we need competent commanders, of which today there are none.

In summary of the book as a whole we see Venner proposing a professional revolutionary cadre, with a sound and realistic revolutionary doctrine, with pan-European cooperation, recognition of Western solidarity to be extended to and include Eastern Europe, eschewing defectives and theatrical revolutionaries, avoiding grifters, infiltrating the System to impede its function, and building “bases” throughout society to control key points – these are all sound points.  Also sound is the call for a meme of a Young Europe and to stop mythologizing the past, including a past of outdated and/or failed nationalist approaches.

Is the “movement” listening?

Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Stable European Population Structure

Of interest.

A Gab correspondent who is a friend of this blog alerts me to this paper, which broadly supports the Sallisian view of how modern European genetics correlates to racial history, and is not supportive of either leftist “constant panmixia leading to modern European mongrels” narratives or rightist ethnic fetishist narratives of “past migratory events in Europe, such as in the Roman Empire, only affected Southern Europe, particularly Italy, leaving modern Italians as non-White mongrels unconnected to ancient peoples, while the High Truster parts of Europe are 100% racially pure from the mists of prehistoric time.”

Excerpts (emphasis added) and my comments:


Ancient DNA research in the past decade has revealed that European population structure changed dramatically in the prehistoric period (14,000-3,000 years before present, YBP), reflecting the widespread introduction of Neolithic farmer and Bronze Age Steppe ancestries. However, little is known about how population structure changed in the historical period onward (3,000 YBP - present). 

This latter period is the prime focus of ethnic fetishist (and leftist) solipsist “I say it so therefore it is true” narratives, so the data here are of particular interest.

To address this, we collected whole genomes from 204 individuals from Europe and the Mediterranean, many of which are the first historical period genomes from their region (e.g. Armenia, France). We found that most regions show remarkable inter-individual heterogeneity. Around 8% of historical individuals carry ancestry uncommon in the region where they were sampled, some indicating cross-Mediterranean contacts. Despite this high level of mobility, overall population structure across western Eurasia is relatively stable through the historical period up to the present, mirroring the geographic map. 

This is the key finding. While there were migratory movements and dispersals in Europe (and not only into Italy) throughout the historical period covered, the overall finding is that “despite this high level of mobility” (i.e., the migrations and dispersals), “overall population structure across western Eurasia is relatively stable through the historical period up to the present, mirroring the geographic map.” This is EXACTLY what I have been saying for years. Regardless of all the huffing and puffing of both ethnic fetishists on the right and anti-White activists on the left about historical migrations, ancient Rome, and other events (including the later “Moors”), the final genetic outcome is that there hasn’t been significant population change in the last 3,000 years; therefore, genes mirror geography in the expected pattern. Italians – including Southern Italians/Sicilians – are exactly where one would expect to find them with respect to the Europe-wide PCA-related correlation of genetic clines and geographical contours. Those Southern European groups are NOT found among MENA populations in PCA analyses. Therefore, we observe a “relatively stable” population structure from 3,000 YBP – present. The final outcome of all these population movements for today’s extant populations is that the effects of those movements are less than what has been popularly imagined.

We show that, under standard population genetics models with local panmixia, the observed level of dispersal would lead to a collapse of population structure. Persistent population structure thus suggests a lower effective migration rate than indicated by the observed dispersal. We hypothesize that this phenomenon can be explained by extensive transient dispersal arising from drastically improved transportation networks and the Roman Empire’s mobilization of people for trade, labor, and military. This work highlights the utility of ancient DNA in elucidating finer scale human population dynamics in recent history.

Actual migration was likely lower than what was previously estimated based on the presence of these outlier ancient samples. Given that modern Italy also falls within the expected PCA range, demonstrating relative population stability over time, the same "lower effective migration rate" likely applies to Italy as well, at least in areas outside of Rome itself (the city of Rome likely did have a significant influx, based on historical records, albeit perhaps not as much as some have suggested - and even there the long-term effect was such that the final outcome is relative stability of the population structure).


…two major demographic transitions in prehistoric western Eurasia: first the farming transition ∼7,500 BCE (Lazaridis et al., 2014; Skoglund et al., 2012), and later the Bronze Age Steppe migrations ∼3,500 BCE (Haak et al., 2015)…most present-day European genomes can be modeled as a three-way mixture of these prehistoric groups: Western Hunter-Gatherers, Neolithic farmers, and Bronze Age Herders from the Steppe…By the end of the Bronze Age, the ancestry composition resembles that of present-day individuals. This suggests that the genetic landscape of present-day western Eurasia was largely established following the two major transitions, ultimately leading to the pattern observed today, where the genetic structure of Europe mirrors its geography

Again – that is the KEY finding, and what I have been saying for years.  Differences among Europeans were for the most part established by these early founding events, not by popularized heavy breathing accounts of “Roman era slaves and migrants replacing Nordic Romans” or “Nordic Sicilians becoming dark mulattoes by mixing with Negroes.”

However, recent studies of historical period genomes from individual regions paint a picture of heterogeneity and mobility, rather than of stable population structure. In the city of Rome alone, the population was dynamic and harbored a large diversity of ancestries from across Europe and the Mediterranean from the Iron Age (∼1000 BCE) through the Imperial Roman period (27 BCE-300 CE) (Antonio et al., 2019). Historical genomes from the Iberian Peninsula also highlight gene flow from across the Mediterranean (Olalde et al., 2019).

These localized reports fit well with archaeological and historical records. By the Iron Age, sea travel was already common, enabling peoples from across the Mediterranean to come into contact for trade (Abulafia, 2011; Broodbank, 2013).

Subsequently, the Roman Empire leveraged its organization, labor force, and military prowess to build upon existing waterways and roads throughout Europe and create a united Mediterranean for the only time in history (Beard, 2015; Harper, 2017; Symonds, 2017). Not only did the Empire provide a means for movement, it also provided a reason for individuals to move. Empire building activities, broadly categorized into military, labor, and trade, pulled in people and resources from inside and outside the Empire (Scheidel, 2019).

To reconcile the expectation of overall demographic stability in western Eurasia with localized reports of heterogeneous, mobile populations, we sequenced 204 new historical period genomes from across Europe and the Mediterranean. By analyzing genetic similarities between individuals across historical Eurasia, we were able to quantify individual movements during this time. Based on population genetic simulations, we hypothesize how population structure may be maintained in the face of frequent individual dispersal.

So, the point is to reconcile the FACT of relative stability of time of European populations and the known migratory results that some ejaculate over.


We collected whole genomes from 204 individuals across 53 archaeological sites in 18 countries spanning Europe and the Mediterranean (Figure 1 - figure supplement 1), 26 of these individuals were recently reported (Moots et al., 2022). This collection includes the first historical genomes from present-day Armenia, Algeria, Austria, and France. 

A majority of regions have highly heterogeneous populations in at least one historical time period

Regional vignettes reveal various patterns of historical population structure. In Armenia, for example, the population is highly homogeneous at any given time (Figure 2). Across time periods, there are two distinct genetic clusters, corresponding to a temporal split around 772-403 BCE (Figure 2BC). The earlier cluster (C1) includes newly reported samples (n=5) from Beniamin and published ones (n=6) from five other sites. This cluster cannot be modeled by any single source of ancestry using existing data. The later cluster (C2), which contains newly reported samples (n=12) from Beniamin dating between 403 BCE-500 CE, is genetically similar to present-day Armenians (excluding two Kurdish individuals; Figure 2C). Despite the split, there is evidence of partial continuity between the earlier and later clusters: the later (C2) can be modeled using around 50% of the earlier cluster (C1) and an additional source of Steppe ancestry. 

Historical genomes from Northern Europe, particularly newly reported genomes from Lithuania and Poland, exhibit a similar level of homogeneity...

The Asian/Siberian migrations and admixture into Northern Europe predated this time period.

In contrast to the homogeneity of the Armenian population, most of the regions, including Italy, Southeastern Central Europe, and Western Europe, had strikingly heterogeneous populations. 

Note: Western Europe. While the more extreme Northern and Northeastern portions of Europe that were not part of the Roman Empire were not influenced by these specific events, it was not only Italy and Southeastern Central Europe that had “strikingly heterogeneous populations” – Western Europe had these as well. Thus, if Western Europe was able to emerge from this period without becoming “Levantine mongrels,” then why not Southern Europe as well?

Newly collected samples reinforce previous findings of high heterogeneity in Rome, including a large portion of the population having affinities for present-day Near Eastern populations (Antonio et al., 2019; Posth et al., 2021) (Figure 3 - figure supplement 1). Interestingly, Southeastern Central European and Western European individuals during the Imperial Roman & Late Antiquity period also exhibit high heterogeneity, on par with that of contemporaneous Italy (Figures 3 and 4).

Again – whatever you want to say about Roman-era population heterogeneity in Italy, it was ALSO found in the Western European parts of the Empire and surrounding regions. Included were some MENA outliers in Austria/Germany (the source of Hitler’s NRY?).

Furthermore, these ancestries are often shared across regions. In Southeastern Central Europe, a core group of individuals have ancestry similar to that of present-day and contemporaneous Central Europeans (C10), while other clusters have ancestry similar to that of Northern Europeans (C4) and Eastern Mediterraneans (C6) (Figure 3C). These ancestry groups are found in contemporaneous Italy and Western Europe as well (Figure 4C, Figure 3 - figure supplement 1). We also observe outliers of eastern nomadic ancestry, similar to that of Sarmatian individuals previously reported, in both Western Europe (C5, n=2) and Southeastern Central Europe (C1, n=2).

Again, not only in Italy. Heterogeneity was found in other areas of the Empire and in areas close by, including in Western Europe.

At least 8% of historical individuals are ancestry outliers

If you listen to the ethnic fetishists, you’d think that 80% of the population of Italy were “outliers” and Western Europe was mysteriously untouched and pristine.

This network reveals the interconnectedness of Europe and the Mediterranean during the historical period. For example, as discussed above, the Armenian population is quite homogeneous (Figure 2). Unsurprisingly, no outliers were found within Armenia; however, we found outlier individuals in the Levant, Italy, and North Africa who can be putatively traced back to Armenia according to their ancestry (Figure 5C; blue outgoing arrows from Armenia). In contrast, the heterogeneous population in Italy connects it to many other regions, with bi-directional movement in most cases.

Note – bidirectional movement with respect to Italy, not just an influx. Thus, as some have suspected, some limited similarities that may be found today between outliers in distinct populations may be from bidirectional, not unidirectional, flow.

In North Africa, outliers found in Iron Age Tunisia (Moots et al., 2022) indicate movements from many regions in Europe, and reciprocal North African-like outliers were found in Italy and Austria (Western Europe). North African ancestry in Italy is supported by a single previously reported individual from the Imperial Roman period (R132) (Antonio et al., 2019). Similar North African ancestry in Western Europe is supported by a single individual, R10667, from Wels, Austria, a site located on the frontier of the Roman Empire (C18 in Figure 4). This individual from Austria can be modeled using Canary Islander individuals from the Medieval Ages or an Iron Age outlier (distinguished by having more sub-Saharan ancestry) from Kerkouane, a Punic city near Carthage in modern-day Tunisia.

The estimate of 8% should be considered conservative for the proportion of “non-local” individuals. 

OK, but it is not 80% or some other absurdly high number.

Spatial population structure is relatively stable in the last 3,000 years

The remarkable amount of heterogeneity and mobility in the historical period leads to the question of what impact this might have had on population structure over time. To investigate this, we sought to quantify the overall change in population structure across time, from prehistoric to present-day. To assess spatial structure of population differentiation, we calculated FST across groups of individuals on a sliding spatial grid in each time period and related it to their mean geographic distance. In each time period, we recovered the classical pattern of isolation-by-distance (Figure 6A), where individuals closer in geographic space are also more similar genetically. Across time periods, we see a large decrease in overall FST from the Mesolithic & Neolithic periods to the Bronze Age (approximately 10,000-2300 BCE), coinciding with the major prehistoric migrations (Haak et al., 2015; Lazaridis et al., 2014). From the Bronze Age onward, however, FST does not decrease further with time, indicating that the level of genetic differentiation across space is relatively stable from the Bronze Age to present-day.

The importance of this finding cannot be overstated. The major shifts in Fst vs. geographic distance occurred during the early founding events of European ethnogenesis; on the other hand, “the level of genetic differentiation across space is relatively stable from the Bronze Age to present-day.” The very ancient events were important; the historic events that some people go into onanistic frenzies about much less so. The PCA of Fig 2-S1 shows modern Western Eurasian populations, and clearly demonstrates the genes mirror geography paradigm.

To assess not only the amount, but also the structure of geographic population differentiation, we compared the “genetic maps” of historical period and present-day genomes. To construct these “maps”, we performed principal component analysis on all 1713 present-day European and Mediterranean genomes sampled across geographical space (Figure 6B) and projected historical period genomes onto the same PC space. Echoing close correspondence between genetic structure and geographic space in present-day Europeans (Novembre et al., 2008), we recovered similar spatial structure for historical samples as well, although noisier due to a narrower sampling distribution and higher local genetic heterogeneity (Figure 6C).Together, our analyses indicate that European and Mediterranean population structure has been relatively stable over the last 3,000 years.

In case any of the Nordicist ethnic fetishists missed that – “...our analyses indicate that European and Mediterranean population structure has been relatively stable over the last 3,000 years.”

This raises the question: Is it surprising for stable population structure to be maintained in the presence of ∼8% long-range migration? To address this, we simulated Wright-Fisher populations evolving neutrally in continuous space. In these simulations, spatial population structure is established through local mate choice and limited dispersal, which we calibrated to approximately match the spatial differentiation observed in historical-period Europe (Figure 6A, Figure 7A and Figure 7 - figure supplement 1, maximum FST of ∼0.03). We then allowed a proportion of the population to disperse longer distances, empirically matching the migration distances we observed in the data during the historical period (Figure 7 - figure supplement 2). Even with long-range dispersal as low as 4%, we observe decreasing FST over 120 generations (∼3000 years with a generation time of 25 years) as individuals become less differentiated genetically across space (Figure 7B). At 8%, FST decreases dramatically within 120 generations as spatial structure collapses to the point that it is hardly detectable in the first two principal components (Figure 7C). These simulations indicate that under a basic spatial population genetics model we would expect structure to collapse by present-day given the levels of movement we observe.

So, given the level of dispersion, over time, you would expect population structure to "collapse" as gradual panmixia occurs. But this did NOT happen. On to the Discussion to observe the authors speculate on why the population structure was in fact maintained, even in the face of 8% (or more) population dispersion. 


In summary, we observed largely stable spatial population structure across western Eurasia and high mobility of people evidenced by local genetic heterogeneity and cross-regional connections. These two observations are seemingly incompatible with each other under standard population genetics assumptions.

A possible explanation for this apparent paradox is that our simulations did not capture some key features of human behaviors and population dynamics. In the populations we simulate, migration implies both movement and reproduction with local random mate choice. However, in real human populations migration can be more complex: people do not necessarily reproduce where they migrate, and reproduction is not necessarily random. We hypothesize that in the historical period there was an increasing decoupling of movement and reproduction, compared to prehistoric times. 

As some more sane people have suggested, slaves and migrants may not have been successfully reproducing; and if they did reproduce, did not significantly affect native populations. They may have mostly mated among themselves in major urban centers, and those population crashed after the fall of the Western Roman Empire, being repopulated by native rural populations. And even if there was some mixture between natives and intrusive elements in Rome (and, possibly, in some Etruscan settlements and elsewhere), these areas would have become depopulated and then repopulated by native stocks.

According to a longstanding historical hypothesis, the Urban Graveyard Effect, the influx of migrants in city-centers disproportionately contributed to death rate over birth rate; a process which would contribute to observing individuals as “transient” migrants…

Urban migrants and slaves were dying off, and replaced by other transients, and/or by a native rural influx.

With transient mobility as the main contributor to the observed heterogeneity, it remains unclear what additional demographic processes contributed to the maintenance of spatial genetic structure. The collapse of the Empire involved a loss of urban-military complexes and depopulation of cities, followed by ruralization (Burgess, 2007; Dey, 2015; Roymans et al., 2020). Without the Empire incentivising trade and movement, there may be little motive for individuals to remain in these now remote regions.

The population of cities like Rome collapsed after the fall of the Western Roman Empire.  Repopulation was to a large extent by natives.

If this hypothesis is true, we would expect a reduction in local genetic heterogeneity after the collapse of the Empire. Unfortunately, we do not have this period sampled densely enough to assess this comprehensively. The lack of samples is further amplified by the fact that ancient DNA comes from archaeological excavations, which tend to be enriched in urban areas; a stone mausoleum in the city center, for example, will produce more surface scatter than a wood farmhouse, making urban areas more likely for excavation (Bowes, 2011). This makes it difficult to comprehensively address differences in rural versus urban demography. Collecting more genetic data from both urban and rural contexts across the historical period will be a valuable future step in understanding how spatial population structure was maintained. Furthermore, it could elucidate the role of other historical events and peoples, such as the Franks, Lombards, Visigoths, and Huns, during the Migration Period.


Based on genetic analyses and the rich historical record, we hypothesize that both the loss of transient migrants which contributed to population heterogeneity, as well as repopulation by less heterogeneous, but temporally stable, local populations could have helped maintain overall stability of genetic structure from the Iron Age to present-day. 


This work highlights the utility of ancient DNA in revealing complex population dynamics through direct genetic observations through time and the importance of integrating historical contexts to understand these complexities.

By the way, the PCA of Figure 3-S1 shows that present day Italian genomes fall in the same space as the non-outlier ancient samples; the outlier samples are outside the modern Italian range. 

In summary:

  • 1.The differences between Europeans observed today are mostly the result of the founding events of European ethnogenesis involved the hunter-gatherers, Neolithic farmers, and Steppe incursions, not from later-day historical events that the “movement” loves to fantasize about.
  • 2. Population heterogeneity in the days of the Roman Empire existed in Western Europe as well as in Italy and in areas of the Empire further to the south and east. "Movement" fantasies about their favorite areas of Europe being pristine with respect to non-European migrants until relatively recently need to be reconsidered.
  • 3. The major finding is that there is a relatively stable population structure in Europe from 3,000 YBP – present, despite the aforementioned population heterogeneity.  This is reflected in "genes mirror geography" in PCA and in the relatively stable Fst vs. geographic distance over the last 3.000 years. The authors then speculated as to why the heterogeneity (not as large as some fantasize about) did not significantly affect population structure.  Regardless of the reasons, the facts remain as they are - relative stability over the past 3,000 years.
Now, of course, all of this does not mean that no changes took place at all.  Obviously, over a period of thousands of years, some demographic events and changes occurred. However, the final outcome of all of these events has been a remarkable degree of (relative) stability of European population structure. There is no evidence for significant changes, looking at current populations compared to the founding stocks of 3,000 YBP; some insignificant changes, yes, a few percentage points of ancestry here and there, perhaps, but the idea of widespread race replacement and/or mongrelizing admixture radically changing populations to those extant today - there is no evidence for that. The evidence says otherwise.

However, we should not let past history make us optimistic about current trends. There are fundamental differences with the current situation that bodes ill for long-term stability of European population structure. Today, we have continuous mass immigration, both legal and illegal, coupled to below-replacement native fertility and higher alien fertility - the opposite of what seems to have occurred in ancient times. The migrants of today are not transient - in the absence of radical action on the part of the natives, the migrant populations seem permanent and they are expanding. It is unlikely that there will be depopulation of cosmopolitan urban areas followed by repopulation of those areas by fertile rural natives - indeed, the opposite seems to be the case as the aliens are in some cases expanding into the countryside. Any possibility of stabilizing European population structure today will require political (in all the meaning of the word) action, not a misguided hope that future demographic trends will mirror those of ancient times.

Sunday, May 22, 2022

EGI and National Socialism, Part III: National Socialist Basics

Fundamental characteristics.

See this.  There, National Socialism is defined as:

A collectivist authoritarian system centered on a race-based palingenetic ultranationalism.

In other words: racial fascism.

A more modern definition: An authoritarian political system that utilizes collectivist organization to promote the ethnic genetic interests of the population, in the context of palingenetic ultranationalism.

Let us consider what I consider the fundamental characteristics, the foundational basics, of National Socialism, independent of the specific Hitlerian aspects of the historical German National Socialist German Worker’s Party (e.g., Germanocentic chauvinism, Nordicism, aggressive military expansionism, certain attachments to traditionalist feudalism, etc.).  In other words, what is the “National Socialist minimum” that would be applicable to, say, a pan-European national socialism?

The “national” part of the philosophy notes that it is a very particularistic ideology, focused on a particular ingroup – nation as a people, not as merely a nation state. National Socialism in its fundamental (as opposed to specifically German) form does not necessarily define what the “people” is, other than it has to be, ultimately, based on some sort of shared ancestry, there has to be a biological basis (see below) for the ingroup. Ingroup-outgroup competition is fundamental to the ideology, and to its particularistic nature; thus, “humanity” as a whole cannot be an ingroup, although a broad racial group (e.g., European-derived peoples) can be, in competition with other racial blocs. Therefore, in the sense of pursuing interests, National Socialism is opposed to humanism and universalism, although Universal Nationalism can be compatible with National Socialism, as other groups are entitled to have their own racial (or ethnic) blocs, although, as previously stated, these will be the subject of competition (although this competition need not threaten the existence of any group).

Being a form of fascism, National Socialism is, naturally, “ultra-nationalist,” the nationalism is of an extreme nature and, also according to its fascist nature, palingenetic in nature.  The nationalism centers on rebirth, a new order, change, and in National Socialism this is focused on, first and foremost, biological race, although cultural and civilizational considerations are also important.  Akin to ethnic genetic interests (EGI), National Socialism considers the biological to be ultimate interests while other considerations, while they may be extremely important, are proximate interests.

The “socialism” is political, not necessarily economic and thus private property and some degree of free market capitalism can be consistent with National Socialism (although economic socialism can be a part of the ideology’s implementation if desired).  Political socialism implies the reality that National Socialism is a collectivist ideology.  Now, Western individualism can of course be part of National Socialism, the ideology does not aim for an Asiatic hive-like mindless conformity; indeed, National Socialism opposes that (and that is one National Socialist critique of Bolshevism/Marxism – that it led to such an Oriental insect hive society).  However, although Western traditions of individual expression, Faustian overcoming, and the development of superior individual are prized, collectivism means that – at least when necessary – individualism and individual interests need to be subordinated to the collective good of the nation/people/race. When there is a conflict, particularly when the conflict becomes existential in the sense of threatening the racial basis of the people, then individual rights are sacrificed to serve collective interests. This also suggests when political socialism requires economic socialism – in the cases where private enterprise conflicts with national interests then private enterprise must be subordinate to state control, leading to at least some degree of economic socialism. Thus, decisions about economics are based on what is perceived as best for the collective; the economy is a mean and not an end.  Unlike Marxism, National Socialism does not derive its fundamental values from economics, but from the natural laws of evolved organisms, the struggle of life itself.

National Socialist collectivism manifests on what can be termed “hierarchical egalitarianism” – which is not an oxymoron.  National Socialism is egalitarian in that it strives to do away with class distinctions and makes all members of the nation – defined as a specific biocultural people – equal members of the “folk community," independent of class, wealth, status, etc.  All have the opportunity for upward mobility, and to prove their worth in the service of their people.

However, National Socialism is hierarchical in two meanings of the word. First, and fundamentally, it recognizes differences between people and ranks people based on inherent worth – that worth not based on class, wealth, status, etc. but instead based on racial values, merit, accomplishment, service, etc. These differences can be those between ingroup and outgroup and they can also be those within a group, such as recognized differences within the ingroup, meaning that while all members of the nation are fundamentally equal parts of the folk community (egalitarianism) so are more valuable specimens than others and are allowed to rise or fall based on their ability (hierarchical).  Second, hierarchy is manifested in the manner in which the nation state is politically organized, with a leadership cadre, and a leader-to-follower stratification of society based on overall worth (that is still egalitarian as members of the folk community have equal access to leadership possibilities independent of class or any other pre-determined societal stratification). This hierarchical political leadership need not lead to some of the “defective political institutions” identified by Salter in his On Genetic Interests analysis of fascist regimes.  Thus, I wrote:

Getting back to national socialist-style fascist regimes, one can ask: can the problem of defective political institutions be solved?  I think yes, if we presume that the “fuhrer principle” is not an essential feature of such regimes.  One could them consider authoritarian/totalitarian political structures that can have checks and balances (e.g. the Soviet regime had power split between Party, KGB, and Army –with Stalin being an aberration) and be responsive to the (properly informed) will of the people.  I have always been intrigued by Fest’s talk of “totalitarian democracy” in his book on Hitler; point is, we can consider “fascism” broadly conceived as a flexible, living ideology and not as a fossilized, history artifact.  In this way, national socialist political structures can be envisioned that can control elite free-riders and constrain ethnic mobilization within reasonable limits. One need not resort to democracy – which has been discredited with the destructive evil of multiculturalism and mass migration – to ensure the stability of any future EGI-based regime.

Again, we need to separate the fundamental basics of National Socialism from its specific implementation by the Hitlerian National Socialists of Germany.

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Odds and Ends, 5/21/22

In der news.

This is a defining moment for the broader Right, extending even people like Tucker Carlson. The Right cannot allow itself to be silenced about the TRUTH about The Great Replacement. Race and demographics are THE MOST IMPORTANT issues of our time. Indeed, the Right needs to "double down" on the facts about (intentional) demographic change. To achieve this, we need spokesmen who are sane, articulate, and intelligent - who make a good impression and are persuasive. There is no one in Der Movement or the Alt Rite who fit the bill.

See this. The Left is claiming that their Disinformation Board was targeted by disinformation from Republicans and the Right in general, who spread the "disinformation" that the board would itself target American political speech, instead of focusing on "foreign actors." But wait - if the Left claims that American political opposition to the Board is "disinformation" then doesn't that prove the point of that opposition that the Board would indeed label American right-wing opinion as "disinformation?" Are they so contemptuous of us that they thought we wouldn't notice that blatant mendacity and hypocrisy?

And the winner of the Counter-Currents Great Replacement essay contest is this that features:

The Rise and Fall of WASP Preservationism

The nineteenth-century wilderness preservation movement was, from its inception, a WASPish and elite affair....Almost all were critics of the vulgarity and filth of city living as well as the arrival of the world’s “wretched refuse,” who had no appreciation for the sturdy pioneer virtues of America’s founders nor for its wilderness. Many were supporters of eugenics and immigration restriction, and indeed saw these issues and wilderness preservation as two sides of the same coin. As Madison Grant explained to his friend Henry Fairfield Osborn, both were “attempts to save as much as possible of the old America.”... environmental organizations attracted many ethnic minorities (who did not share the hated WASP’s preoccupations with solitude and sublimity) to their cause...

All you "wretched refuse," all you Southern and Eastern Europeans, have no conception of "solitude and sublimity" - you penned up runty chicken Morlocks you!

Jim GoadMay 19, 2022 at 1:03 pm

According to the actual definition of “species”—a group of organisms capable of producing offspring together...

Ignorant and misleading. Different species can produce offspring in some cases. While members of the same species always have to be able to (potentially) produce offspring, it is not true that members of different species are always excluded from producing offspring.

It gets funnier: 

If they were simply all Canis but not familiaris, they wouldn’t be able to interbreed.

Shhh...the reality that dogs can interbreed with wolves, coyotes, and jackals is not recognized by the hobbit hole crew. I thought it was common knowledge that most canids (excepting, e.g., foxes) can interbreed. I should have known better.

I remember a time not too long ago when denying simple biological facts was the exclusive domain of leftists.

And the domain of ignorant retards like Jim Goad. Hey, Jimmy, members of different canid species CAN interbreed.  Lions and tigers CAN interbreed.  YOU are the one “denying simple biological facts,” you moronic self-righteous asshole.

Reproductive isolation cannot be used as a criterion for defining species based on how species are currently classified. Now, true enough, species classification - based on, say, morphological, behavioral, and/or genetic differences - is somewhat arbitrary. While differences between organism types are real, where we draw the line is in large part a human invention.

Thus, in theory, you could, if you desired, define species by reproductive isolation. If you do so, then dogs, wolves, coyotes are all the same species, and lions and tigers are the same species.  Indeed, all "different species" capable of producing "hybrid offspring" - or at least fertile offspring - would be the "same species."

The problem with that definition is that it lumps together animals that are truly distinct. No one would ever mistake a lion for a tiger, or vice versa. If defining species based on reproductive compatibility produces classifications that ignore fundamental and important morphological, behavioral, and/or genetic differences, then that is a lousy definition (regardless of how popular it may be among laymen).

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Fisking Todd Blodgett

Riposte to a buffoon (aka – answering a former Quota Queen). In all cases, emphasis added.

Laugh at this.

Let’s look at some background about Blodgett before getting to the letter.

Todd Blodgett…

With a surname like “Blodgett” you just know he got an instant free pass in Der Movement. And as you’ll soon see, you’d be correct.

worked as an FBI informant


….inside the white supremacist movement.

There is no such thing.  There are very few “white supremacists” in America.  There are many pro-White activists, including White nationalists, which is a completely different type of specimen.

His political career began in the Reagan administration as a junior staffer. He helped the 1988 Bush-Quayle presidential campaign. But in the 1990s, Blodgett drifted into circles that included infamous American Nazis like Willis Carto, and “The Turner Diaries” author William Pierce.

Yeah…he “drifted.” Translation: As a NW European “WASP” type, he was immediately scooped up and elevated to high levels in Der Movement sans any real merit.

While Blodgett said he was never a “true believer,” …

There you go.  He was “never a true believer” but he was working with the biggest names in the American Far Right, including Carto and Pierce.  But, you see, you don’t need to be a “true believer” – just have the “correct” ethnic ancestry and surname.

…he helped Carto increase circulation and funding of his tabloid magazine, The Spotlight, and was a co-owner of Resistance Records, the largest white supremacist music label in the U.S. He spent time with other notable white supremacists, including Jared Taylor and David Duke.

Taylor and Duke.  Calling the Southrons!  How could they resist someone named Blodgett?  Of course, had he been named “Finkelstein” or “Chen” he may have still appealed to one of those gentlemen.

In the early-2000s, Blodgett become an FBI informant

We’ll get an idea why shortly.

…and used his access to the highest levels of the American white supremacist community, including the KKK, neo-Nazis and the Aryan Nations. Since then, Blodgett has spoken out against white supremacy and has worked with groups like Life After Hate that rehabilitate white supremacists.

OK, a typical apostate.  But, we need more information.  

First, see this.

From March 2000 to November 2002, Blodgett was retained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to supply information concerning organizations and individuals affiliated with the racist Far right. He regularly met with and reported to FBI and JTTF (the Joint Terrorism Task Force) agents and other officials, after attending gatherings hosted by Holocaust Deniers and White Supremacist groups, which featured racist, far-right extremists who were of interest to American anti-terrorism law enforcement officials and agencies.

More importantly, see this.

In the next four years, he would meet and work with other extremists including the notorious..

Emotional ad hominem.

William Pierce, leader of the neo-Nazi National Alliance. After his role as a broker for Pierce was revealed in the Intelligence Report, Blodgett says his world began to collapse. In short order, he approached the magazine hoping, he said, to redeem himself publicly.

OK.  Motivation part one.  His work for Pierce was exposed, causing difficulties.  Therefore – “he approached the magazine hoping, he said, to redeem himself publicly.” Note there’s nothing there about the ideology of White nationalism being flawed, or the facts upon which that ideology is based being wrong.  Instead, he suffered personally because of System/Left social pricing, and therefore he wanted the personal damage to be alleviated.  

But…there’s more.  Now we’ll move on to motivation part two.

Blodgett: Truthfully, the answer is I was very opportunistically inclined. It was business — strictly business — and now I'm paying the price for it, and I'm not happy about it. I was stiffed by Willis Carto to the tune of about $78,000, and I'm angry.

OK. He was angry about money – allegedly he was “stiffed by Willis Carto to the tune of about $78,000.” Note once again – nothing about ideology, facts, or anything else, re: the cause being wrong.  Again, this was a personal issue. Now, a bit more about motivation number one:

My wife and my parents are not happy about the Washington Post [which ran an article recapitulating the earlier Intelligence Report story], and I want to get past that.

The personal social pricing pressure was increasing since his family was “not happy” about the whole situation, so he wanted “to get past that.”  Once again – a purely personal issue. Where’s the epiphany about the errors of White nationalism?  I’m sure any faux “epiphany” was retroactively applied later to rationalize a personal response to personal issues.

Now, let’s take a step back and discern how he got involved in Der Movement to begin with.

Blodgett: Republicans lost a lot of seats in 1990 and were kind of on the defensive and I just decided I was tired of politics. So I employed my skills as a salesman and advertising writer with a California entrepreneur who was and is the owner of Slick Times, a kind of Clinton lampoon. In January 1995, I decided to start my own consulting company.

In the meantime, Willis Carto had been contacting me to come work for him. I named a price I thought he'd never meet — $3,500 a month — and sure enough, he agreed. He also gave me an assistant.

I mean, do you need any more evidence of the "movement's" ethnic affirmative action policy? He went from “a salesman and advertising writer” and being involved with his “own consulting company" to being recruited to work for one of the leading lights of the American Far Right – and at $3,500 per month (1990s money – adjust for inflation)!  And with an assistant! That’s akin to Johnson hobnobbing with Taylor and Francis from day one, or Spencer being made the head of NPI sans any meaningful qualifications for that position.

Oh, you'll say that the "movement" interest in Blodgett was due to his mainstream Republican connections and was thus somehow merit based.  Really? First, as he himself admits, he was out of the political game when he was recruited by Carto. Second, according to Wikipedia, his initial entry into the mainstream political world was via personal connections, and his father was a politician. So, even if Carto's interest was connected to Blodgett's past foray into Republican activism, that GOP activism itself was connected to a mainstream "good old boys network" that mirrors that of Der Movement. In the end, it all conflates to ethnic affirmative action.

Now, we’ll get confirmation of another Sallisian meme – that some Quota Queens realize that what they are doing is practically hopeless, and are only in it for the money:

…there are certain people out there that when somebody speaks up for what they advocate, they give you money. Carto realized the value of espousing a lost cause: there's money in it.

And here is (according to Blodgett) Carto’s opinion of Der Movement and his role in it:

I asked him one time, "Do you really think you're going to succeed at what you're trying to do?" And he said no. He said, "It's the only thing I can do. I have no hobbies except my garden. I don't have any children." He knows there's no way he's ever going to be influential like he once was. He also once said, "Todd, the problem we have is that everybody on our side is stupid." That's what he said.

Of course, Blodgett can be lying about all of that. Perhaps Carto never said any of it.  Perhaps Blodgett's perception of Carto as being primarily interested in making money is derived from Blodgett's dislike of Carto. But it does have the ring of truth to it, at least from my perspective.

Before I begin fisking Blodgett’s letter, let me begin by summarizing the three major flaws within it.

  • 1. He conflates White nationalism with “White supremacism,” which really does not exist anymore to any significant extent, and is quite different from White nationalism. Anyone who mislabels today’s pro-White advocates, including White nationalists, as "White supremacists" is being so fundamentally dishonest that their mendacity suggests to you there is little or nothing of what they say that you should believe.
  • 2. He conflates pro-White activism with Der Movement, while in fact the latter is merely the currently extant vehicle for the former, akin to how the Republican Party is currently the vehicle for American conservatism. The failures of the vehicle do not necessarily reflect upon the righteousness of the cause that vehicle allegedly supports. If the vehicle is no good, it should be replaced; you need not give up on the cause itself.
  • 3. The righteousness of a cause and the objective facts upon which it is based do not disappear just because a particular person becomes disillusioned with the cause and/or with the vehicle currently embodying that cause. Facts about White demographic displacement, racial reality, anti-White structures of the System, the failures of globalism and multiculturalism, and the reality of ethnic genetic interests, do not disappear just because someone is angry that they got “stiffed” for money by Willis Carto, or because the exposure of their activity upset their family. 

OK, back to the letter.


I once trod the treacherous path you’re traveling and it wrecked my life. Taking a detour and exiting the nasty, racist road is as much in your best interest as it is America’s. 

I do agree that it is in the interest of people to leave the catastrophe of Der Movement, but I do NOT agree that they should disavow pro-White activism (two different things; see above). Now, could it be in their selfish personal interest to drop out of activism completely? Well, would it have been in the interest of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to never have become an anti-Soviet dissident? I suppose he would have had a more comfortable life if he hadn’t gone down that path, starting with that Stalin-critical letter that led him from the Red Army to the gulag during WW II. But would that have been in his overall interest?  Would that have led to the proper fulfillment of his life?  His destiny? His dignity and self-worth? Would that have been in the interest of his people?  What is interest anyhow?  What price interest?  And do personal interests include ethnic genetic interests? I say yes. Hence, we can see the interest, the personal interest, in being a racial advocate. Why is it, according to people like Blodgett, only in the interests of Whites, and not of other groups, to eschew racial activism? Why is social pricing, and hence the damage to material personal interests, always focused on Whites and on pro-White activism?

Further: What is America? The concept is essentially meaningless in any practical sense. What is it?  A land area where disparate groups of people live?  A nation state that has drifted away from its original purpose? An economic unit of consumers? What? A set of “ideals?” Ideals are not ultimate interests. As human beings, as evolved organisms, as people, our prime concern is with people; our ultimate interests are in genetic continuity. After all, the “ideals” are for who?  For “Americans?”  What’s an “American”?  Who are the “people” we are concerned with?  The American population is being demographically transformed.  So when we refer to “people” we can ask – “what people?”  Who?  Whom?  If a pregnant illegal alien crosses into the USA and gives birth, then that offspring is an “American citizen.” That’s an “American.” The concept of America, which has become disconnected from a distinct people, and has become unmoored from normal human interests and from basic biology, is, as I have stated, practically meaningless. The concern should be with specific people in America, viewing America and its ideals as a vehicle for meeting the needs of those people and their interests, not as a vehicle for their dispossession and destruction. Talk to me about White Americans, not of an abstract America. Thus, America has no inherent interests.  Only groups of people in America - like White Americans - have inherent interests.

And, by the way, even IF you want to focus on an abstract America and its equally abstract interests, your beloved multiculturalism is destructive to those American interests, and it brings in people who have no understanding of, or interest in, preserving the “ideals” traditionally associated with America, peoples whose presence and whose own ethnocentrism breeds racial and ethnic conflict. Even from the standpoint of abstract ideals, America is a failure, and a greater White homogeneity would only assist in preserving the ideals Blodgett allegedly cares about. So, Mr. Blodgett, you are doubly wrong.

Significant differences exist between legitimate conservatism

Why is conservatism “legitimate?”  Because it is useless, accomplishes nothing, is part of the System, agrees with the fundamental premises of that System, and is essentially fake, controlled opposition?  In any case, we are NOT conservatives.  What is there to conserve?  I am a Far Right Revolutionary.

…and bigoted, racist hatred. 

Emotional nonsense. In any case, if you are against “bigoted, racist hatred” you should oppose that targeting Whites.

Do you hate minorities so much that you overlook the significant contributions made by Conservatives…

I oppose conservatives, moron.

…who are black, Jewish, Hispanic, and Gay, to the honorable causes of limited government, a strong national defense, lower taxes, and freedom for the individual?

All those ideals are meaningless if they are enjoyed by a different people, if MY people are race replaced.  What Whites should care about “the honorable causes of limited government, a strong national defense, lower taxes, and freedom for the individual” in a Brown America?  And even his own premise is silly, since the vast majority of Blacks, Jews, Hispanics, and Gays are leftists who oppose all of these “legitimate” and “honorable” conservative concerns. If you really cared about those concerns, then you’d want a White America, full of people who have repeatedly demonstrated a fidelity to those issues and concerns.

And anyway, the whole point of White nationalism is that we do NOT want to live in the same polity, in the same society, as non-White peoples, regardless of if they are “conservatives.” This idiot is speaking a different language than what the “white supremacists” he is addressing actually understand - they understand RACE and CIVILIZATION, not tax rates and limited government.  By the way, has conservatism actually achieved progress toward any of your “honorable” causes? No, America moves in the opposite direction, away from those ideals, because of racial demographics.

Further, these days, mainstream conservatives are called "Nazis" and attacked in the streets, GOP congressmen are shot at (e.g., Scalise), and GOP senators assaulted (e.g. Paul). Rational people see what's happening in America and view Blodgett's stupidity as either painfully naive or blatantly mendacious (and that was true when the letter was written, not just today).

If so, you’re subscribing to an agenda comprised of unadulterated HATRED

So, Whites defending their group interests is “unadulterated HATRED.” Other groups doing the same is wonderfully admirable, and as you note, not criticized by this buffoon, who thus, in his hypocrisy, essentially confirms the validity of the WN worldview.

The high-tech, PR-savvy…

They’re not.


That’s true, although they always cry poverty.


Hmmm. Call your opponents “evildoers.”  Cue Dr. Evil asking for “one million dollars.”  Grow up.

…you’ve thrown in with will alter your life in the most negative of ways – as personal experience taught me. 

So, this moron is angry at Carto over money, and he is upset that his activity with Pierce got exposed, so that’s the “personal experience” he’s talking about, that and being a FBI informant – a rat.

If happiness, stability, and success are your goals, then you must open your mind and change your heart. 

Sure! Supporting a System that hates you for your race, and practices de jure and de facto discrimination against you, and defames your race and civilization, is the road to happiness and stability.

It’s not too late to change, and your past can be a lesson, not a life sentence. The late Willis Carto – a professional White Supremacist/anti-Semite, who conjured up the fraud called Holocaust denial, and who spent 60 years promoting hatred – was my boss from 1995 to 1998. 

And what real qualifications did you have for that?  Besides being a High Truster named Blodgett? Besides being involved in the GOP due to family and other personal connections? Did you ever have an involvement in politics - either mainstream or Far Right - based purely on your own merits?

To my lasting regret, I raised nearly $3 million for his Liberty Lobby, and generated an even greater amount of advertising revenue for his publications.

With all the money floating around Der Movement, that’s no grand accomplishment.

Within a few years, my business partner was Dr. William L. Pierce – the founder of the National Alliance, who wrote ‘The Turner Diaries’. 

Affirmative action.

He and Carto were America’s leading neo-Nazis. Motivated by greed and a lust for power, Pierce, Carto, and I owned what was then the world’s most profitable, successful racist music company, Resistance Records. These facts, for which I’ve atoned, won’t ever go away.

The facts about White race replacement and the System’s anti-White racism “won’t ever go away” either.

I routinely dealt directly with sociopaths like David Duke, ‘Pastor’ Richard Butler, Erich Gliebe, and John Tyndall, and racist killers like Jamie Von Brunn, Eric ‘the Butcher’ Fairburn, Tommy Mair, Wade Michael Page, and Benjamin Nathaniel Smith, among many others. 

High Trusters!  Inner Hajnal!   

My life spiraled downward, resulting from my involvement in HATE. This included becoming a drug addict for seven+ years, getting divorced and nearly being killed in a knife fight. These tragic consequences and others could’ve been averted had I avoided the vile realm of White Supremacy, even as an opportunistic profiteer. 

Make sure you capitalize "HATE" just in case your readers are not sure of whether you disapprove or not.

What an imbecile. His personal choices, his defects, those he blames on a set of political beliefs. As if being pro-White means you must be a drug addict, and, gee whiz, you can’t find any anti-racist leftist drug addicts anywhere, much less Black ones, right? Only White activists get divorced and, of course, there's never been Whites knifed by racist criminal Negroes.  Bad things happen to people only if they are pro-White, and don't you forget it!  This guy’s “logic” and his writing style (“vile realm of White Supremacy”) is akin to that of a not-too-bright twelve year old girl.

Monitoring haters for the FBI as a full-time, paid informant…

Note - paid. Being on the side of the angels, against hate wasn’t enough. Like Judas, he wanted his thirty pieces of silver.  Betrayal for a price.  Take that, you cheapskate Carto!

…opened my eyes to the insecurity of most of those who were brain-washed into the counterproductive, evil world in which you’re now ensconced. 

Pure projection. All these apostates are insecure, personal defectives and failures, who get involved in the cause for the wrong, almost always personal, reasons, and leave for the same bad reasons. You’ll note that nowhere in this screed is any sort of reasoned, analytical rebuttal of White nationalist beliefs. It is all emotion, all personal issues, and all superficial leftist buzzwords.

Seeking personal redemption helped me realize a better life was, indeed, within my grasp. I slayed my demons, beat drug addiction and got my life back on track. You, too, can do this! Walking away isn’t hard, but remaining with hateful, violence-prone, racist losers will ruin you.

One basic problem with the “movement” is that is full of drug addicted, illogical, hysterical losers like Blodgett, who have NOTHING going for them but their ethnicity.

Removing your Swastikas, covering up racist tattoos, replacing Doc Martens boots with pricey athletic shoes and wearing tassled loafers, Polo shirts and khakis, and calling yourselves “identitarians” instead of neo-Nazis, fools no one. 

As if most WNs were like that. I thought stereotyping was "bigotry?"  By the way, if "no one" is being fooled by pro-White activists, why do you and your handlers worry so much about those haters?

If your ideas were sound, you’d not need to engage in such chicanery. Got it?

Pure projection.  If YOUR ideas were sound, you’d need not write a long screed that contains ZERO substantive content, and is nothing but “being an activist made be angry and unhappy, so it is bad.” Got it?  Your mendacity fools no one.

Question - if WN ideas are so unsound, then why are they repressed by the System/Left instead of debated and refuted?

I hope and pray you’ll turn your life around, and that you and all misguided activists leave the milieu of organized Hate. 

Join the System that hates you and is destroying your race and civilization. That'll turn your life around. Just make sure you're paid for it, amirite?

Those who admit they were wrong are in a great position to help make things right.

Yes, make things right by being a PAID informant.  You may as well make a buck when you “make things right,” eh?

Like many who are now wasting their lives in this putrid, so-called Movement, I’ve been jailed. More than once. 

Was that a direct result of your prior beliefs? If not, it is irrelevant.  If so, being jailed for your beliefs means that the anti-System worldview of WNs has validity – the System is repressively anti-White. Either way, you're wrong. And if you were jailed because of activity you did that was somehow connected with your work for Carto and/or Pierce, that's either on you - a mistake you made - or it is diagnostic of a repressive System (or both).  Either way, you're wrong...again.

But whether or not you’ll ever be locked up, as long as you harbor hateful, anti-Semitic, bigoted thoughts, you’re locked in a hellish jail of your own making. 

Huh?  Having a set of political beliefs is not a “hellish jail.” The real “hellish jail” is not the straw man of “hateful, anti-Semitic, bigoted thoughts” but instead it is the reality of multiracial America.

So, set yourself free; unlock your mind

Yes, reject the System and embrace White nationalism. That's my prescription, although I'm sure that's not exactly what Blodgett has in mind here.

…and banish hate from your soul. 

Tell that to those who hate Whites.

Having learned this the hard way, it’s easy for me to see where you’ll end up, unless you alter your thinking and change your ways. 

Don’t blame a set of political beliefs for your personal inadequacies.

You CAN get your life on track, even if it wasn’t previously all that cool. It’s easier than you think, and you won’t regret it. Trust me, I know.

In summary, Blodgett is a meritless defective Quota Queen loser, elevated in Der Movement because of his High Truster ancestry, who left Der Movement for purely personal reasons, became a paid FBI rat, and now justifies his pathetic life by preaching to us as if he had a grand epiphany. But, hey, trust him...he knows. He knows how to be a useless asshole.

Once again – there isn’t a single substantive, objective argument against White nationalism in that letter.  Not a single one.  Nothing. It’s all emotion.  It’s all the story of a pathetic defective, by his own admission not a “true believer,” who got involved in the cause for all the wrong reasons, left for personal reasons, became a PAID FBI informant, and now spews girlish tirades – Evil! Vile! Hate! – assuming that all WNs are as defective as he was (and likely, still is), and will become ever-so-happy if they ditch their beliefs – ideas that he has no actual arguments against – and become more System zombies.

What a buffoon.

It is obvious to the reader of this post that I was rather irritated by Blodgett's letter; the combination of emotional non-argument, illogic, and empty platitudes was just too much to take. The disturbing question is this - how many people like this are there in Der Movement today?  How many are not true believers, how many are FBI informants, grifters, drug addicts, or other types of defectives? Then we have the Hermansson case, which demonstrated how easy it is for even a non-government actor to infiltrate pro-White activism; Der Movement is lucky Hermansson was only a (relatively) short-term information-gathering infiltrator and not a long-term mole. With his ancestry and ability to make high-level "movement" connections, he could have risen to a position of some influence, and did considerable damage.  His sexuality, as we can observe with others, would not have been a hindrance for this (I wonder if his sexuality was known by any of the "movement" people he interacted with during his infiltration).

One wonders if such moles currently exist and how high in the "movement" hierarchy are they?  Who are they and what are they doing?